New dress

I had a gap in my wardrobe for wintery dresses (or ones that can be layered to make them wintery), so I made this one:


My first dress with sleeves.

As you see, it’s not winter at the moment – in fact it’s the middle of summer – but I’m going back to school in a few weeks so now is the time to make these things. And this is really a versatile dress for any season, in my opinion (or perhaps it’s just because I love it enough to make it that…)

You’d probably be able to see the silhouette better photographed against a different background, but that’s ok. It’s fairly fitted through the bodice going to a looser skirt, which is what I mostly like to make.

Details: Bodice is New Look pattern 6094, skirt from New Look 6457, adjusted to have box pleats at front and back rather than gathers. Fabric is a quilting cotton purchased from Spotlight (I wanted something with a fair amount of body, and also a bright pattern, which is always a consideration for me).¬†Pockets added in skirt seams, as seen in photo below. They’re small, but they give me somewhere to rest my hands, and would be large enough for a cellphone but not much else.


I’m particularly proud of the zip on this, though I didn’t get a photo. It’s hand-sewn (I really don’t trust my sewing machine to do zips, it tends to mangle them or just refuse to work for a couple of weeks after trying to make one) and is probably my first zip that can be said to be anything like invisible.

I was working full-time when I made this dress, so it took me about a week scraping an hour or two before work each day, and some more on the weekends. Probably 2-3 days if I hadn’t been working.

The pleats aren’t quite as neat as I’d hoped, but all in all I think this is fairly well made, and I’m pretty happy with it.

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