New Resolutions

I’ve been thinking about my sewing a bunch recently, since I’ve been making things more. It has a tendency to get self-decadent (when are clothes not?) to excess, and as a result of that I’m putting in two resolutions to hopefully limit that a bit, while still allowing me to sew as I want.

1 – For every gift I give, I will include at least one home-made component. I get to make pretty things – but for other people, how radical. My wardrobe doesn’t expand, other people get lovely things, I get the new challenges of making things to other people’s tastes rather than my own, and I still get to make things. Basically, it’s a win all round. One item has been made so far out of this resolution – photos to come when I get my hands on a camera.

2 – Every time I make/buy/am given a new item of clothing, I have to remove an equivalent item from my wardrobe by giving it away (or throwing it away if it needs that). This has the corollary that if I get rid of an item for another reason, I get to make/buy an equivalent – basically, my wardrobe stays the same size but just gets better. Exceptions are when I actually don’t have anything of that item – say, I have no pairs of shorts, so shorts are free – and in the absolute essentials that I may own some but not enough of (mostly this means tights/stockings). Giving will be to other people if I know someone who’d wear it, or otherwise to charities and second hand shops. I’m giving myself some leeway on starting this one, as my older clothes are currently all in a different city (I’ve been home for the summer holidays, but going back to school in two weeks).


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