Non-clothes Items

I do make a few of those. Occasionally. So here are three to show you.


First, the first item in my new resolution to put a made thing in every gift I make.

This is my friend’s wedding gift – she’s getting married this week, and I bought her a beautiful trifle bowl, but I felt like I needed something made to add to that, especially for this friend as she is very good at giving gifts appropriate to the person and the bowl just seemed a little impersonal.

So she’s getting this:



Not the oven, just the gloves. They’re made of quilting cottons on the top and a sturdier tweed-like weave on the use side, with a very thick cotton batting in between, minimally quilted to the top to hold it in place. I’ve tested them next to shop-bought oven gloves, and they work pretty satisfactorily. The fabrics come from my sister’s and mother’s stashes.


Second, here’s a headband I made:


Again just a quilting cotton – that’s what there’s most of in this house – two layers, with elastic around the base. Here’s a photo not on my head, to show the two fabrics and relative lengths of elastic and fabric.


I’m quite proud of the stitching in this – I find a great aesthetic pleasure in a well-sewn line, even a very simple one, and I definitely managed that with this headband.


Thirdly, a string of bunting I made for my window:


Just very simple, rather small triangles, strung onto ribbon. I’ve made the triangles double-sided because it’s to hang in a window, so I want it to look lovely from inside and out. In this window it’s quite high above the street, so it’s less important, but when I get back to my flat I’ll have it in a window that’s very easily visible and close to the street, so I want it to look perfect.

The fabric is a blue quilting cotton with musical phrases on it – music is one of my favourite things, so I thought it was appropriate when I found it in Mum’s stash. Here’s a close-up of a couple of triangles.


Sorry it’s blurry. The camera really wanted to focus on the street behind it, and I’m not experienced enough with it to stop it.


That’s all, folks!





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