Coconut Ice dress

This dress was made September of last year, in my university mid-semester break (I did about no study that week, as the first half was away on a camp with my Christian group, and the second half was rather taken up by getting excited over sewing. But I passed the exams and I still have the dress, so it worked out fine).

I think of it as coconut ice because of the colours, as you can see:


Pink isn’t normally my choice of colour, and I decided it needed something else to make the dress slightly less excessively pink. The white trims did this pretty well, and I’m very happy with the dress, but it’s still not quite what I might normally wear.

This was the first item of clothing I sewed on my 1953 relic of a sewing machine, which works fairly well apart from that it has given up on the entire concept of zigzag stitch – not a problem for this, but I’ve been sewing some knits over the summer (coming soon, once I get photos of them…), and coming back to school and to this old sewing machine is not ideal. I’ve got a couple of friends on my street with newer and more functional sewing machines though, I should be able to work something out if I need to do more knit stuff.

There’s a slight fit issue around the bust – a bit tight in the front section, a bit loose around the sides, it’s slightly confusing, but not bad enough to do anything about.


Fabric – sourced from an op shop, an old curtain that was a surprisingly nice fabric (this is my answer to the Sound of Music). It wears surprisingly nicely for a curtain. The belt was fabric from my stash.

Pattern – New Look 6457

I added pockets retrospectively – was totally meaning to do it as I sewed, but I got distracted and forgot to put them in. They’re not the neatest, but you can’t tell that because I haven’t taken any photos of them. So we’re pretending they’re fine.


(I forgot to bring the bunting, seen in the last post I made, down to my flat when I came back for uni, but there is plenty of made stuff here, which will be seen in the next post…)

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