Me-Made-May 14

I, Rowena, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’14. I endeavour to wear at least one item of self-made or refashioned clothing each day for the duration of May 2014.


It’s time for my first Me-Made-May, and I’m super excited! I think I only discovered it last year, at which point I had a grand total of one self-sewn item of clothing, plus maybe one pair of knitted socks. Since then my self-made wardrobe has expanded massively, and I do find myself reaching for homemade clothing a lot of the time anyway – but it will certainly be a challenge to wear one every day!


Since my wardrobe is actually small enough to do this, a catalogue of items I currently have for this:

Two winter dresses and two summer (problem: May is late autumn and pretty cold here… hoping for at least one warm day to bring out the summer dresses on).

Image   Image   Image   (blog post on the other soon)

My regency dress, which defies seasonal classification (I’ll probably need to make a petticoat for it before May, if I want to wear it, but that will be easy enough).


Four t-shirts (ok, one still needs a neckband because I hate that part of making t-shirts with a passion, but again, that’s only a 10 minute job).

One pair underwear (more may come, they’re a fairly quick make and I have some jersey knit left from the t-shirts).

Two (?) pairs socks (I can’t remember how many I actually have made… I’ve either made 3 or 5 socks, I got bored halfway through the last pair which is why it’s an odd number).

One headband (somewhere… let’s hope I find it before May! It’d be a great filler item, for days I can’t get into wearing other things I’ve made. Although I don’t wear headbands much, so I’d probably actually be more comfortable in one of the larger items).



Yesterday I prewashed the fabric for my next winter dress, which should be done before May (I really just want it to be already done so I can wear it), and also for a skirt for a gift for my flatmate’s birthday – so my next handmade won’t actually be for myself, despite how much I love selfish sewing. The fabric for her birthday skirt has turned out a lot stiffer than expected, so I’m working out how to deal with that, but it still shouldn’t take long to make – bodices are always the big issue for me. I plan to keep it a secret by taking the pattern from a skirt that I know fits her well, and she can only find out when it is presented to her. I’m pretty excited about that, even if I don’t get to wear the result…

And there’s another super exciting dress in my head that will HOPEFULLY be done by the end of May, though it may very well not. Because it’s a bit more effortful than most things I’ve made before, and requires new techniques and possibly a new pattern, therefore the whole palaver of muslins and whatnot. Just take it from me, it will be fantastically awesome when I finally make it.

With a couple more headbands, because they’re quick, that’s my plans for May ’14! It may get a little repetitive, but let’s face it – I’d probably be wearing my winter dresses once per week each anyway, because that’s how much I love them, I just now have to intersperse them with other things I’ve made.

(also, I’m getting sad because on all the other sewing blogs everyone’s getting excited about spring, and we’ve just started getting wintry a couple of days ago…)


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