Me-Made-May: The Beginning

So we’re two days into Me-Made-May now, and I have some photos and thoughts to share!


Day 1

I woke up on May 1 kinda annoyed by having to wear things I’d made. I tend to reach for these things anyway (on April 30th I was trying to find an entirely non-me-made outfit to wear for the last day before May, and failed to find anything that excited me), but it’s strangely more limiting when you know you HAVE to wear them. I found myself rebelling slightly (on day 1!) and wanting not to do it – but I forged through it. This is what I ended up wearing:


As you can see, I hadn’t worked out a good place/way to take the photo. Also when I tried using the mirror they kept turning out really blurry, so I had to use both hands to keep the camera still.

The dress is me-made, cardigan second-hand, the thing on my head is called a tichel and I wore it in the hope of reminding myself throughout the day of what I talked about in the last post I made. As it was the first time I’ve worn it to school (and even then I didn’t wear it to our afternoon class, as I was possibly going to have to interview an actor-patient and didn’t want to be self-conscious while doing that), it mostly made me self-conscious – I think in future it may have a bit more of an effect though. The tichel is a typically Jewish form of head-covering, worn by married orthodox women, but is occasionally adopted by Christians, or others, who want to cover their heads in a pretty way. I like how the white complements the outfit, though I would also like to have maybe a blue brooch on it.




Yesterday I actually wore 2 me-made outfits, as I went to a costume party in the evening. Well. I went to a book sale (there’s a 24-hour book sale in my city every year – thousands of books, most of them for $1, it’s fantastic) and we decided to dress as book characters. That’s almost a costume party, right?

This is dress no. 1, which I haven’t yet made a proper post on so I guess I’ll put details in here. It was made about 3 weeks ago and these are the first photos I’ve got of it.


The fabric is a duvet cover from a second-hand shop (or op shop, in NZ speak) – it had two sides in reverse colouring, and I used the opposite side to do the waistband. The pattern is one I’ve used before, New Look 6457, but I used a different view than I’ve done in the past.

This dress was ridiculous to make. I think it’s the most unpicking I’ve ever had to do in one project. First I discovered – AFTER sewing the skirt together, but before attaching it to the bodice – that there was a hole right in the middle of the centre front of the skirt. I ummed and ahed for a bit, but decided I couldn’t patch it neatly, so had to cut out a new skirt with the fabric that was left – fortunately it was a large duvet, so there was some left even after self-lining the bodice (I didn’t have any other appropriate lining fabric). Unfortunately, it was about two inches too short for the skirt, so I made the skirt shorter and decided to compensate by making the waistband a skirt yoke instead of a separate tie, which I was intending. I rather made up said waistband, which meant I ended up doing three times the work I wanted because it didn’t fit me the first time. Or the second. At the third, it did fit, but also if it didn’t I think I would have forged on anyway just because I was so sick of it all. And then I also had to do some fit adjustments to the bodice before putting it together, but that was not especially unexpected. It still doesn’t fit me super well – I didn’t realise how much of an issue it was until I put the zip in, and honestly I’m not going back to fix it now. I wear it anyway. I’ve worn it quite a lot, actually, in the few weeks since making it – it’s become a bit of a staple.

I call this the Demeter dress, after the Greek goddess of the harvest/fertility, because the grain reminds me of her.




And the evening:


I curled my hair for the first time last night (other people have done it for me in the past, but this time I was in charge). It mostly turned out pretty well, but not perfect. The dress is me-made, the “spencer” is a cardigan with the tails folded up on the inside, the shawl was a gift from my aunt.


This is probably one of my favourite photos of me ever. So satisfied with it. Everything is great (also that is my beautiful flat in the background – the entrance hallway has amazing wood panelling everywhere. It’s approximately a century old, we think, and so lovely. We also have pressed tin ceilings, which are the fancy).

At the book sale, with Tony Stark.

A taste of the other costumes – Anne of Green Gables, Nancy Drew and Madame Rosmerta.



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