Me-Made-May: The Adventure Continues…

So we’re one week in to May now, and it’s time for some more photos! Several of which are unblogged items, because t-shirts are really not interesting enough to blog.


DAY 3:



The t-shirt is me-made, also me-drafted (that was exciting) with help from instructions from Mad Mim ( This was the 3rd or 4th I made, with fabric my nana sent me from her stash (I would probably not buy striped fabric for a t-shirt – plains are easier to deal with, as most of my skirts have fairly striking patterns).

This day was slightly warmer than most of them have been, so I went for this t-shirt as the colours feel springy to me.




This is another self-drafted tee, which turned out really well – it’s my favourite of the four I’ve made, although it was only the second. That said, the stripy one is only less favoured because it’s less versatile – constructionwise it’s also pretty good.

I’d forgotten I had the red cardigan, but was glad I found it again – I like the red/blue contrast. The necklace was originally one of a pair of earrings my sister gave me, but I lost one, and all my favourite earrings migrate to my neck when I lose one. Sadly, that’s most of them – I’m apparently not that great at keeping track of earrings. Here’s a larger photo.



And here’s a bonus shot of me being terrified of something. I was the only person in the room, so I have not the faintest idea what I’m looking at.





Yet another self-drafted tee, today. Though I only wore this one because I’m aiming to wear everything I have that I’ve made at some point this month – this one is not especially pretty or well-made. It’s a lovely sturdy fabric, though, and after wearing it once (it was the first time I ever had worn it – I put off finishing it for months, until I finished it mid-April to be ready for May) I’m a bit happier about it.

The problem with this one is it’s the first tee I made from my self-drafted pattern, and I’d forgotten to add seam allowances. Yup, smart Rowena. I don’t go in for tight-fitted knits – I don’t find them flattering. So while I’d added enough ease that this is wearable this way, it’s still not my great. But in this photo it actually looks pretty good – maybe I’m being silly and should wear it more often.

And all that said, this top had a lot of firsts, so I should be very proud of it anyway. First self-drafted item, first top, first knit item, first thing with sleeves, so it’s a surprise it worked so well.

Bonus: The headband, which you can barely see, is also self-sewn.





It was genuinely warm yesterday! And sunny! So I pulled out this dress – I’d been resigned to not wearing either of my two summer dresses this month, because the weather is unlikely to be warm enough (seriously. Last year it SNOWED in May. I’ve been kinda worrying about what me-made stuff I have that I could wear on a snow day…), but I was super glad to get the chance.

(note: it had taken me until now to realise that a side parting looks different to someone looking at me than it does when I look in the mirror. I was super confused as to why my parting was on the left.)

I’m also wearing self-sewn underwear, made from scraps from the grey t-shirt. I’m going to make more from more of these scraps, since these are literally my most comfortable underwear. They’re traced from a pair I already owned. I also had a eureka moment making these when I worked out how to enclose the gusset seams entirely. No photos today, sorry.



(that is, today).



I wanted to wear that dress, which is sister-made not me-made, so put a me-made tee underneath (yes, another one). It’s long-sleeved but not quite long enough, and slightly higher than I’d like at the waist (due to almost running out of fabric), so I almost always wear it under a dress and cardigan, and push the sleeves up to my elbows if I take the cardigan off (yes, I could just cut the sleeves short, but effort). I really like the dress with the red boots – I’m surprised I haven’t worn them together before!


So there you have it – the first week of May, with no repeats yet, plus an entire extra outfit for a party and two days of wearing two made items – that’s ten items I’ve made without repeating, which is pretty good! Plus I’ve been wearing me-made gloves on cold mornings and me-made socks to bed.



2 thoughts on “Me-Made-May: The Adventure Continues…

    • Thanks! Both those dresses are New Look 6457 – I stole the pattern from her after she made the first one, and have got a lot of use out of it. I really enjoy the challenge of Me-Made-May, although someone said yesterday “oh, that’s easy!” when I was telling them about it which annoyed me a bit – it’s not that easy for me!

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