Me-Made-May: The Road Goes Ever Ever On

And now we are two weeks in, and almost halfway through. It turns out I have an only-slightly-greater-than-one-week me-made wardrobe – so while I’m still wearing me-mades every day, there are a few repeats of last week. It also turns out that I reach for my me-made dresses more than once per week (this one wasn’t that much of a surprise – the first six days after I made the brown dress I wore it three times, if I remember correctly). So I probably need a few more of those – which is no problem, I love making dresses! One is cut out, and two have fabric and patterns planned and bought.


Before we get the outfit photos, I made a very exciting discovery yesterday! I went a little way out of my usual haunts yesterday (I had a placement for uni out the far end of town) and on the way back stopped in at a market I saw. As I was looking at some fabrics (nothing especially my cup of tea, there was a lot of lovely wool plaid but I don’t wear plaid) the stallholder pointed out to me this:


The 1958 edition of the Simplicity Sewing Book! I felt like I needed vintage patterns/sewing books in my life, after seeing so many sewing bloggers talk about them, and to pick one up for $2 was great. Here’s a photo of the inside:


I love the dress in the ad.


And even more excitingly, the other thing we discovered at this stall (the stallholder actually considered taking it herself – it had been a donation – but decided she wouldn’t use it) – a whole sheaf of hand-drawn pattern drafting instructions!


Isn’t it beautiful?


My guess would be around 40 sheets of these – most have some pattern diagram on one side, and comments/instructions on the other, with one sheet that has most of the background information you need.

So when I said I had two patterns/fabrics lined up for more dresses I kinda lied… one of them I have the pattern in my head and plan to draft it myself. New and exciting challenges! The fabric I picked up also yesterday afternoon (as a duvet in an op shop – thrift store is the US equivalent I think – it feels like a cotton, but I’m not that good at fabrics by feel, so can’t be sure.

Anyway, to the outfits…




My brown Demeter dress, worn with a top over it so it looks like a skirt – a nifty way to get more outfit variation. Also it was cold.

Bonus – my chili plant. His name is Eduardo, and he feeds us well.




You can’t really see, but I put on my fancy green shoes to take these photos – I had been looking at far too many sewing/vintage blogs with beautiful shoes to match their outfits, and I wanted to look nice myself. For some reason this photo gave the dress really good contrast in its pattern, I like.


DAY 10


It was a sunny day, and I went to the farmer’s market and bought beautiful vegetables, and some baby silverbeets to plant. This photo is of me nearly falling over, and it’s still the nicest of the ones I took. This is how I wear my Regency dress when I don’t want to look super formal – hair out, cardigan at its normal length instead of folded to make a “spencer”. Normally I wear shoes as well.


DAY 11


Another gorgeous day with sun and all! This is my other summer dress (with the pink one seen in the last post) and I managed to find days to wear both of them already – it looks like I will manage my goal of wearing everything me-made I own this month. This dress has faded a lot since I made it – you can barely see the pattern in the photo – but I quite like it with a subtler pattern. I always have to wear this dress with a belt (this one from my nana) because the fit at the waist isn’t great (in fairness, this is the first proper sewing project I ever finished, barring a couple of pillows and a skirt when I was about 12, and I was somewhat ambitious – I wouldn’t really recommend starting on a dress, and I would recommend making a muslin. I didn’t because my sister had made one from this pattern that fit me perfectly, but she neglected to mention the alterations she made, which were a lot). The headband is also me-made.


DAY 12


It looks like I’m showing off the top. I’m not. The top is not me-made. The skirt is cut down from a dress that I bought second-hand, which was rather frumpy as is but is quite lovely as a skirt. Long and swooshy. I did include alterations from RTW in my me-made pledge – at the time I didn’t own any, but I thought it would be worth including – so this definitely counts. I don’t have any photos of the original dress, unfortunately, so you can just see how it ended up instead. But not even that, since the photo cuts off at the knee – it’s a full-length skirt. I take photos on a self-timer, and evidently didn’t check well enough after (or just couldn’t be bothered taking more photos).

Also wearing my me-made headband with the reverse side showing – I love the green on my hair.


DAY 13


I had a kindergarten visit for class yesterday (this is how I ended up down the end of town where my pattern books came from). So I decided to wear jeans for practicality – running around with little kids is a wee bit easier in these. The t-shirt is me-made. I had a great moment where one of my friends asked me “did you make those jeans?” (most of my friends know about me-made-May). When I said no, she challenged me on why I was wearing them – and was utterly astounded that I made the t-shirt (I failed to mention that a tee is at least ten times easier than jeans. I will let her continue to be amazed at my hypothetical sewing skills). She said she had assumed it was a normal shop one, which to me is a compliment – I haven’t yet got to the point where I want my stuff to be BETTER than shops, just being indistinguishable is good enough for me. I do it for the fun and achievement, not for being actively better than what I could buy. Also that I can make exactly what I want (or pretty close) where I can’t buy it necessarily, although that doesn’t apply to this in particular.


DAY 14


I am also wearing my gorgeous red boots today, they go with the scarf. The tee is the me-made part again.


That’s all for this week! I’ll be back next week (or maybe, hopefully, before then if I finish this dress I’ve started…)


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