Me-Made-May: New Additions

Well, one new addition. But one new addition that convincingly changed how I feel about the month. I was getting somewhat bored with my wardrobe, and sewed like a madwoman to get the dress put together so I could wear it in May. At least twice in May.

Also new fabric! Because it’s more exciting to me, and quite possibly more interesting to you, I’m going to start with that (you’ve already seen all my me-made clothes, basically. I’ll chuck in a couple of photos of the gloves and socks I’ve been wearing in the final photo roundup, but that is not this day).


First – Lauren from Lladybird and Andi from Untangling Knots are hosting an outfit-along this winter (well, summer for them) which combines a sewalong and knitalong – sew one garment and knit another that are meant to go together. I’m pretty keen to get in with this, though I’m not planning to use either of their suggested patterns. Instead, I’m making a dress out of this fabric:



It’s going to be a hopefully-self-drafted (!) 50s-style dress, with a circle skirt, scoop neck and elbow-length sleeves.

I’m planning to knit with it the Miette cardigan, though I’ll probably lengthen the sleeves to make it a bit more weather-appropriate. At the moment I’m trying to find a suitable yarn to knit it in, that isn’t prohibitively expensive. I want to pick up either the green or grey from the fabric, I think (it’d be much more versatile than a pink cardigan, that I’d only wear with this one dress).


And the other fabric – a wondrous find:



These are both from the most amazing op shop (thrift shop) I have ever been in, at least from the fabric side of things. (these were $2 and $3/metre!) The blue is slightly shimmery in real life, and feels lovely, though it’s a synthetic. They’re to go together in a ballgown for the med school ball later this year; it’s going to be much the same as the outfit-along dress, but with lace and flowers/beading. And with very great luck I may be able to make a matching headpiece and purse to take.


Anyway, on to the photos for the week!


DAY 15

I apparently didn’t take a photo. After long deliberation, I managed to remember that I wore my me-made grey tee, and will try to reconstruct the probable outfit on my bed. I know I wore this skirt at some point recently, and given that I don’t have any photos of me in it, I think it’s reasonable to assume it was this day. So the hypothetical outfit:Image



DAY 16


My stalwart blue dress. You’ve seen this before, not much more to say. Besides that those shoes are now very dead after some vigorous walking on that day.


DAY 17


Saturday was a very productive day – not in terms of study, though I did what I needed to do, but in other things. I made most of a dress this day, and got some help to fix my bike so now I can ride it (though I only have done once, needing to build up some confidence before I ride either at night or in traffic, therefore will practise on the weekends before I actually start going to class).

I also spent half the day in a tichel, though I wasn’t brave enough to keep it on when I had anyone around:Image

(I love how swooshy everything is in this photo. I was trying to take photos of both sides, with the self-timer that allows about two seconds between photos. This side looks way nicer.)


DAY 18


The new dress! The new exciting. I love it so much. Of course I wore it the first day I could (this lead to slight issues in my evening church, which is candlelit and in the Easter season each person gets their own individual candle, because ooh sparkly is a bit distracting). This is also the day my flatmates decided this sewing is getting ridiculous – they looked at me a bit askance when I started cutting out the next dress only a day after finishing the last. They think it’s awesome that I’m doing Me-Made-May, and that I make things and all, but less awesome that that is ALL I DO. I have, in fact, instituted a new rule for my work – I’m not allowed to sew until I’ve  done all the prep for my labs and tutorials for the following day (or on a Saturday, for the Monday) and done whatever study I need to do that evening also (I have a couple of tests coming up). I also have to have played the harp at least a little (good motivation for that!). So it’s ok, I’m not entirely obsessed!

(note: I would have worn this dress at least once and possibly twice since then if I hadn’t been taking daily photos…)


DAY 19


I’d forgotten I owned this sweater. I’ve had it since I was 12, and it amazingly still fits me, and it’s super, super soft. This outfit in general was incredibly comfortable, apart from the nagging feeling that I didn’t look like me and was channelling someone else’s style. After some deliberation, I have decided that the “someone else” is quite possibly the Rowena of 7-8 years ago, since I used to wear not-quite-as-long swooshy skirts with this top quite a lot.

In other news, Rowena again fails to get a photo of this skirt that actually shows the skirt. Maybe next time?


DAY 20

2/3 of the way through!


Brown dress + red boots = great. These are generally fantastic boots. Despite being one of the most expensive things I own, after only my harp and a vintage 50s ball dress, I have never regretted buying them. (does this just show how little I spend on things ever?)


DAY 21


This is not in fact an accurate representation of what I’m wearing today – there’s a few more layers involved, it’s COLD – but I wanted to be able to see the me-made tee.





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