Me-Made-May: Final thoughts

Me-Made-May finishes today! I was going to post two separate posts, one to Wednesday and then another for the last few days, but I’ve been crazy busy the last few days so I didn’t get the post made.

So what have I learnt from Me-Made-May? Well, unsurprisingly, the biggest gap in my wardrobe is for winter dresses. I don’t have any RTW, and only three me-made, but they’re what I reach for most days if I can get away with it. I’ve got a couple more in the pipeline, and hopefully will get them done soon enough to wear this winter, but more is all I want out of my me-mades. Sure, I could make skirts and tops galore in half the time, but they aren’t what I want to wear and feel most comfortable or most me-like in, so it’s better to spend more time, and more money on fabric, to make things that I love and will wear all the time.

Other than that, the main thing I’ve learnt is that I hate taking photos of myself all the time. It really focusses my attention on my appearance, and not in a good way. I’m glad to stop having to do that from tomorrow.


Ok, and on to photos:

DAY 22


I put off wearing this dress (after the first wear) until it’d be a different blog post. Therefore wore it on Thursday. There was a market at uni this day, and I found the earrings there – they’re large gold tear-drop shapes. Since they perfectly matched my dress, and were only $1, it was inevitable that they become mine. And of course I put them on immediately.


DAY 23


I had forgotten that the reason I generally don’t wear pants is because I generally find pants uncomfortable. This photo was taken immediately after getting home, and immediately before changing into a skirt. The striped t-shirt is me-made.


DAY 24


This day had the most ridiculous weather I have ever seen. It was warm, and gorgeous, and sunny, and then at 3pm it changed from sunny to hailing in ten minutes – dropping from 15 to 5 degrees in seven minutes. So this dress was chosen for the morning, and updated in the afternoon with a polar fleece petticoat. Seriously, that is the most amazing idea I’ve ever had – I just bought a second hand blanket and made a long A-line skirt out of it, it keeps me warm and snuggly. Although I can only wear it with my about two maxi dresses/skirts.

In the evening, I had a “wizards dressed as muggles” party, and I feel I need to share the gem that was my outfit:


Me-made is the headband and also the polarfleece petticoat again. The kaftan is my flatmates; the jacket was bought for another costume party a couple of years ago (it was resurrected from my give-away-pile for the night).


DAY 25


This is not a new photo, due to I’ve worn almost exactly the same outfit a couple of times already and I didn’t really feel the need to take another photo. But this is what I wore on Sunday, with the addition of a tichel head covering (purple and white, one of my favourites I’ve made) for night church.

This day it snowed! I left the house at 9pm to go to my night church service to find feathery gorgeousness floating down – if you stare up into it, under a streetlight, it looks like the stars are falling. We danced in the snow for a bit both before and after the service, and sang Frozen songs very loudly (Let it Go all that evening, and in the morning it became Do You Want To Build a Snowman?).


DAY 26

It hailed all night, after the brief snow, so we technically played in the hail all day, but it acted mostly like snow. I think it was a mix of snow and hail, really? My photos are custody of a friend, though, as the only outfit photos I got were of me in snow, on her camera when we went on an adventure. I’ll hopefully get hold of the photos shortly, and put them up.

Edit: snow photos!

snow outfit snowman 1snowman 2


The skirt and scarf are me-made, hat and jumper Mum-made. Also warm. I had a couple of minor outfit changes this day, because I soaked through two pairs of shoes/stockings. I refused to leave the house again after the second pair – I had run out of decent shoes.


DAY 27



This outfit was at least partially from necessity – I had a lab in the morning, and these were the only pair of covered shoes I own that I didn’t totally soak through in the snow (I need to get gumboots). I made the tee.

This day I also had big struggles with not being able to sew – it was way too cold to fit a muslin or take measurements for self-drafting, which are what I need to do. Instead I started a circle skirt – it’s eventually going to be added to a self-drafted bodice, but in the meantime has a waistband and some hooks and eyes so I can wear it. Instant gratification win!


DAY 28



Sorry about terrible photo quality. This is my Demeter dress (blogged the first week of May).  Nothing really to say about it.


DAY 29



This is the skirt I made because I needed a quick project. It’s circle and tea-length, and I felt it gave me a vaguely 40s silhouette. The second new make of May. I finished it off on Thursday morning – I didn’t have class till 2 – and finished hemming about 5 minutes before leaving for class. The hem is done with my machine’s hemming foot, which I haven’t done before, and is weirdly perfect in some places, but terrible in others. I’m going to redo parts of it, when I get time, but I just wanted to wear it.

I went to a play this night that a friend of mine was in – it was History Boys, which I highly recommend if you have a chance to see it. It was hilarious, and of course having a friend in it, in a somewhat compromising role, just made it better. I also felt very cultured in my 40s silhouette going to the theatre.


DAY 30



Any surprises I’m wearing this dress again? No? Didn’t think so. I love it with all the love.


DAY 31



It’s the end of Me-Made-May, and I wanted to do something special, so I challenged myself to wear as many me-made things as I could get into a single cohesive outfit. We’re up to five – dress, headband, underwear, tee under dress, and necklace (which I’d forgotten about until today).


That’s all, apart from an honourable mention to the things that have been accompanying me right through May, but haven’t had any photos: my knitwear! Two pairs of gloves, two of socks and two scarves have a great help in the wintry cold.

What’s ahead? I’ll keep wearing my me-mades, but I’m looking forward to having the option of non-me-made if/when I want. But most of my favourites are me-made anyway. And more sewing to happen!

Keep well,







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