Playing Dress-ups

I really love dressing up guys. Of course I love to sew things that I’ll wear on a day-to-day basis, because then I get to be happy every day, but I also love any excuse for a costume. So far this year, my flat has hosted three parties – and all three have had a theme, and I have dressed up for all three. I even made a dress from scratch for the first one, despite costumes being optional, and despite me being one of about three people who bothered to dress up for it.

jane austen dress

So I’m making a Lord of the Rings-themed dress at the moment – this being approximately my favourite book series – and my flatmate has made me promise to wear it to the final Hobbit movie – preferably midnight screening. The problem is that the dress is designed to be a normal, day-to-day dress (yes, I have room in my life for basics that are Lord of the Rings themed), and the costuming part of my brain is screaming that THAT ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH. I need a truly spectacular costume for something as great as the Hobbit movie. Involving a woollen beard and green velvet skirts. And then it goes off on quiet tangents and designs my hypothetical lady-dwarf costume, my Arwen costume, and my Eowyn costume, without any direction from me to do so.

book sale 2

I think that a lot of why I like costumes is I love the challenge of getting an idea and working out how to present it in a way that is both achievable but also attractive/awesome. Whether that’s through making something new, or just through putting together what I already have in my closet in a new way, it’s still a super fun challenge. I think that also applies to other people – maybe I need to get my friends to finance my sewing addiction by making costumes for them! I’d get a lot of satisfaction out of making a costume for someone else – just as long as I’m standing next to them in something equally fantastic, right?

(for the dwarf costume, part of me wants to make a fabulous 18th century dress, though possibly one with smaller panniers – like this – but the other part recognises it would make somewhat more sense to make something a wee bit closer in time to the dresses we see with Arwen and Eowyn, which would also be a lot of fun and possibly somewhat easier – I wouldn’t have to somehow fabricate panniers, anyway).

I think I need more time for sewing fantastical impractical things in my life… and then more occasions to wear them!


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