Sewing plans vs. sewing actualities

Do you ever find you spend more time planning future sewing than you do actually sewing with the fabric and patterns you already have?

I’m right in the middle of my winter break at the moment (minor gripe – two weeks of break is really not enough to recover from a full semester’s stress AND study for the next semester, which I have to do because I have full year papers) and you’d think this is prime sewing time right? Apparently not. I’m up with my family for the break, and my stash isn’t (the sewing machine isn’t the major problem – mum’s is actually better than mine, what with having a working zigzag stitch and whatnot). My nana did give me some fabric, which I’ve started to work on, but I’m not quite as excited about it as I was about the ones in my stash, so I’ve spent large portions of the break planning sewing for when I go back to my stash (and my fabric op shop, of course) rather than actually sewing.

So what have I done?
One completed thing in a week and a half – well, in an hour really, last Tuesday. My nana also gave me a 50s-style dress from her square dance days, which she made herself perhaps 30 years ago. It’s great, and exactly my style, except for one thing – the sleeves were showing their age, being rather puffier and squarer than I like. So I took them off and cut normal sleeves out of the fabric, using a BurdaStyle pattern that happened to have the same armscye measurement as this dress. I then spent the next week trying to avoid wearing the dress when my nana was there, since she didn’t know I was going to make the alteration.

Apart from that, I have cut out a dress from fabric my nana gave me. It’s nice fabric and all, but it’s not quite my dream fabric so I’m not quite as motivated as I might be. Therefore I have so far sewed the darts in the lining front. I know, I’m so onto it, right?


And as for what I’m planning…

I have two events to sew dresses for in the near future, and am really excited about both – but of course, can’t sew either at the moment. Hooray. One is the medical school ball, at the end of the month, and the other is a Jane Austen Ball being hosted in Dunedin in October (I’m so super excited about that, you wouldn’t believe it. It’s even in my suburb. I’ve been wanting this for ages, and have been wanting an occasion to make a Regency ball dress for – I’ve sewn two Regency period day dresses in the last few months, a new challenge is always welcome).

And recently I’ve become obsessed with lace, polka dots and coats. When I go into thrift shops (which happens a lot – they’re my favourite kind of shop, apart from fabric ones. They even rival fabric ones sometimes due to how much more affordable they are…) I can’t help looking at any example of the three of them that I can find. I’m hoping that if I can make one garment of each it’ll get that out of my system… The non-Regency ball dress involves lace (and my favourite lace detail, sheer lace sleeves) so that’s that one sorted, but I really want to hunt down wool coat fabric and something polka dotted (preferable not red, since I think I’m honour bound to give it to my sister, she’s been a fan of red polka dots for a very long time) as soon as I get back to Dunedin.

I honestly don’t know why I’m so keen on making a coat. It’s so different to what I normally make – super easy, colourful, fitted dresses. Perhaps that’s why, perhaps I need a new challenge. But one of the things I’m most excited about is using beautiful patterned fabric for the lining and pocket innards – I get to use beautiful patterned fabric for WHOLE DRESSES, and I still get sad that I can’t do patterned lining as well? Likewise with using pretty bias tape for covering seams or binding edges. It seems a little ridiculous. Leaving aside that I probably won’t be able to finish a coat before the end of winter, since I have projects with deadlines that should come first (Southern hemisphere here, winter ends at the end of August). Ah well, will see if anything comes of this – if I have to, I can make my coat for next winter.


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