Belle of the Ball – Part 2

Now I had a ball dress made, but that does not the ball make. Not if you want to be truly spectacular, anyway. And if I was making my own dress, I might as well make the perfect accessories to match, right?

10338387_588009237979194_2943008745849335680_o (1)

The best part of this is the hairpiece I made. It’s actually in several separate pieces, because then I didn’t have to stick things together somehow, and also that way it’s slightly more reusable – I’ve already reworn the blue flower once or twice, and I’m sure I will again.
The above photo is one of the official photos from the ball, which happens to have a particularly good shot of the hairpiece (incidentally: the guy who was in charge of organising the ball also has a small photography business, alongside studying medicine. He did all the photos himself – super impressed! I’d think you’d want to relax after planning the whole thing, but apparently no).


I wavered a lot about whether to include the lace in the hairpiece, but I’m glad I did in the end. It adds something special, I think.

I also made a bag out of the dress main fabric, but haven’t taken any photos of it, and am not going to because it’s not very exciting – a small purse, with a blue flower on, that is all.


And the final thing is the cardigan. It’s winter, you see. There’s no way I’m going outside without one, as well as a coat. I’ve also been wanting to make myself a cardigan or two anyway – my old ones are getting a bit tatty, and I thought making one would be a nice challenge.


It’s self drafted (from a t-shirt pattern I made in December), and there’s a few things I’d like to change about it (make the armscye smaller, and the wrap slightly shorter) but it’s very functional, and pretty warm. I made up the construction, and I think a couple of things could be changed, but overall it’s pretty good. And it goes with most of my dresses – bonus! Also, the fabric was $1 from the op shop, and it’s warm and soft and I have enough to make a second cardigan (I might be a bit adventurous, and do one with buttons next – I don’t need two entirely identical cardigans, and to be honest the main reason I did this with a wrap was to save time – which worked, it took me about 2 hours, including drafting).



(I stabilised the shoulders with ribbon – I’m pretty sure this fabric would pull out if I didn’t stabilise it, but I’m not sure the ribbon was the best choice – it’s what I had on hand though.)



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