Not, in fact, about sewing

I wish it was about sewing. Unfortunately, a) I don’t have a working camera and my flatmate, who I normally borrow from, has gone home for the summer; b) the one thing I have sewn recently is a muslin of a pattern that needs some serious work to make it look good, which is really demoralising and the main reason I haven’t gotten any farther with this.

On the other hand, I’ve had some great things happen in the last couple of days, that I wanted to share.

One: I’ve passed third year medicine. This is… not exactly a surprise, though I was slightly worried (you wouldn’t believe how anxious I was when I was checking it… I don’t remember the last time my heart thumped like that). As well as being, you know, a good thing to do, it means I’ve completed the third of my four New Year’s Resolutions (the fourth one was failed before the end of January). I think I’ve discovered the secret to completing New Years Resolutions: make them things you do and they’re done, rather than things that you do and keep on doing. So, if you wanted to get fit, you might say “I will do a half-marathon” (and then you have to train for that) rather than “I will run twice a week every week”. More motivation, and you’re less likely to fail right at the outset and give up. (in point of fact I said 10km, not half-marathon, but that’s not the point)

Two: I have a job. Hooray! This morning I had a kerfuffle of forms and paperwork, which blur the vision because there’s so much to get your head around; I start on Wednesday. It’s a rest home caregiving position, whch I rather enjoyed when I had a similar position last year; for now I don’t have any night shifts, or even the long afternoon one that finishes at 11pm (though I do start at 6.45 four days next week); basically, looking good. I’m doing casual work, so no idea what the hours will be, but still, it’ll be good to be doing something and being active, and of course earning money.

Plus I bought a whole lot of fancy tea for cheap last week, and it turned up today. Very excited. Very tasty.

And so as to not be entirely words, a photo my mother took of my sister posing in her new birthday dress:


Proving she does, indeed, have both the hair and the talents to be an elf (she embroiders, which is what’s in her hands. Actually, realising that all my sisters have gotten into some form of sewing in the last year or two – she embroiders, my eldest sister quilts, and the other is the person who inspired me to start sewing my own clothes).

That’s all, Rowena out!


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