Hello ladies! And gents if there are any. I am now in the limbo between a Friday night shift at work and a Monday early morning one, which leaves me well awake at midnight (having only woken up at 5pm this afternoon…) but not sure what to do, at midnight, in a room with very low lighting because my main light bulb blew and the supermarket was shut. I suspect the answer is do not sew in this lighting. Which is sad, because I really want to finish my latest – I’ve worn it briefly already despite the lack of hem and button holes (you can pin things shut when they open at the front!), and I’d really like to properly finish it in time for my birthday on Tuesday. Because it’s important to have a new dress for your birthday.

Anyway, here’s a skirt. Not photographed on my body, because I couldn’t work that out with my flatmate’s tablet, and while I’m looking for a camera I also just bought a new computer, so I can’t afford to pay much for one. Problems…


As you’ve probably noticed (Smaug dress and Arwen dress), I’m quite a fan of Tolkien. So are all my sisters. So when I started to sew I thought immediately that I’d like to make something inspired by that for them, for Christmas. And skirts are one of the only things that it’s achievable to sew four of in time for a single event (no way was I leaving myself out!). Due to my poor organisation skills, I started sewing these up only a week and a half before Christmas, and finished two days before, but that’s enough time. I also failed to get photographs of the three I gave away, but I do have the fabric images to show.

I wanted the skirts to be recognisably a set, but also four individuals. So I had to come up with four motifs from the books/movies that would make a nice border around the bottom (I also didn’t want to buy all my fabric from Spoonflower, because that stuff’s expensive… So border it had to be). Here are the four:

The White Horse is the flag of Rohan

I’m not sure if this is in the movies? The flag of Rohan is a white horse on green background.

This is a fraction of what I wrote - I taught myself to write Elvish for this. The first word is my sister's name, and I don't remember all the rest.

This is a fraction of her skirt border – I taught myself to write Elvish for this. The first word is my sister’s name, and I don’t remember all the rest. Set with navy blue in the skirt.

A drawing by Tolkien of Smaug

A drawing by Tolkien of Smaug I’ve always liked. Paired with a black skirt body.

And this is the flag of Gondor.

And this is the flag of Gondor. The skirt was varying shades of blue.

Because both I and my sisters are into pockets, I put some in all the skirts. It was my first time trying yoke pockets, and I decided to make them a feature (on this one at least) by using the contrast fabric, placing it to have the horse disappearing into one pocket and coming out the next.


The pockets were pretty good, if a little small, and too high for me to put my hands comfortably. However, they hold a phone or keyring easily, which is what I need.

The Spoonflower fabric was a decent quality – it wasn’t as bright as I hoped (except the yellow, which was pretty damn bright) but I was kinda expecting it, and it was only really a problem with the reds. On the other hand, it was printed clearly and very true to grain. I’d been wanting to try printing my own fabric for a while, and yeah, it worked, but I probably won’t do it again for a while – it’s quite expensive, for someone who normally only buys fabric on sale, and the colours weren’t saturated enough for my taste.

Here’s a close up of the fabric as used in the skirt – you can really see the difference between the colour in my original image and the fabric as printed.10884947_10203415250604176_1912413288_n

Also notable: my love for bias binding. I finished all the skirts with it, and hand-stitched it to the back because at the time I was working night shifts at my rest home, and there’s a lot of time to do the hand-stitching thing (basically you sit around for hours and wait to see if you’re needed. I rather like having some hand-stitching to do, it passes the time well. In fact, I get thoroughly bored if I don’t have either hand-stitching or knitting). I’m doing more night shifts now, and sewing buttons/buttonholes on my newest dress as well.

Ok, that’s all for tonight. Have a lovely evening! I will be back in not-too-long with the next – for the first time ever, I have a queue of neither photographed nor blogged items. I’ve just been a machine this month (by my standards, anyway).

This post was first published on The Monthly Stitch, as part of their g33k out month theme, and this is the slightly revised edition (less on the g33k out theme, more on the my life).

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