A New Year’s Blue

As you maybe can tell, this is a two-month-old post. This dress/thing was my first make of the year, cut and sewn in about 3 hours on a warm afternoon. Including frenching all the seams.

I’ve been wanting for a while something slightly more classy to wear over my pyjamas, and something more summery to wear over them (rather than a polar fleece dressing gown). Because it has happened far to often that I’ve been in my dressing gown, on a lazy Saturday lunchtime, and someone has come around – my landlord, my flatmate’s parents, whoever – and it’s been super awkward that I’m so blatantly not dressed. This was an attempt to rectify that, so that at least you can’t TELL that I’m not dressed yet.

So here it is.


This actually turned out nice enough that I’d wear it as a dress – if it’s only barely enough to do its purpose of covering the pyjamas. I was originally intending to give it sleeves – set in square, as a kimono has them – but it is too elegant and attractive like this to do that.

It’s essentially made of three rectangles, with two of them having corners shorn off to make the neckline. I probably took a little too much off, but it’s way too late for that to matter now. I wear it all the time anyway.

I took more photos of this than I have things to say, so have a few:


(all my best photos of this cut my head off, for some reason)



(with a different waist tie – in real life it gives it much more of a 50s look, but I’m standing weirdly here)


This is showing a frenched seam.  You’re just going to have to pretend you can tell, ok?

Right. I am far too tired for 7pm on a Saturday night, and also slightly sick, so I might head off to bed very shortly. It is autumn now, and with autumn comes the start of a uni year, and with the start of the uni year comes sickness. It is a known fact. My whole flat is sick at the moment, as it happens, which I don’t think has ever happened to me before. I’ve been exhausted all week, but today is the first day I’ve had any other symptoms, so that’s fun.

See you again soon.

One thought on “A New Year’s Blue

  1. Ooh that fabric is gorgeous! And what a good idea for a cover up. I never lived in the “student areas” so we didn’t tend to have random visitors, but now I always try to have my yukata in my sewing room in case someone calls while I’m sewing (which is often done not fully clothed)

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