Sewing plans

Hey dudes! I have a real outfit post coming real soon, but in the meantime I have a need to write down – somewhere public, so I’m vaguely accountable – some sewing plans, since I’m currently not sewing a lot, and I need concrete plans to keep me sewing.

So. Immediate sewing plans: Granville shirt. I’m aiming to get it printed and muslined within the next three days or so, and then make a couple of versions – I want a plain cream version, and then something maybe navy and floral? And other versions as I feel so inclined. My latest make (which I’ll photograph tomorrow, you’ll see it soon) has a strong hankering for some Granvilles to accompany it.

Granville Shirt by Sewaholic Patterns, View C

Image from Sewaholic website

Dresses: A navy polkadot fit-and-flare dress (this is what I want to wear all winter, accompanied by the red sweater that’s this year’s knitting plan) and maybe another Hawthorn – perhaps in a dark purple or similar, if I can find the fabric. I have very strong feelings about my colour palette this winter, but I don’t actually have very much in the colours I desire. This is a problem.

Outerwear: I’m looking for dark red wool at the moment to knit an Owls sweater. I’m ready to take on another serious knitting project, having had a complete break from knitting since Christmas. I’d also kinda like to make a coat – my current one is boring, black, and losing its buttons. It’s served me well for the last four or five years, but I’d like something maybe navy or dark purple, so I have some interest as I walk in to uni. I’m not sure what pattern to use though.

Photo from the designer’s website. Aren’t the owls cute?

For your information, here is a very approximate indication of the colours that are calling to me at the moment, with the size of the rectangle indicating how much I want to wear it – dark reds are my strongest calling right now but I only have one skirt and one scarf in those colours. This shall change!

winter colours

In terms of timing, I’d like to get at least one Granville done in April, and maybe one of the dresses. I’m ok with the coat being more of a long-term plan – I have to find fabric first, which isn’t going to be the easiest thing, and then it’ll take me a while to sew up as well. I’m not going to push myself to sew fast, I just want to push myself so I keep sewing at all, and sewing some new patterns/items too. I currently don’t have fabric for any of these, so I’m excited to have a real excuse for fabric shopping! There are fun things ahead.

Happy sewing all!



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