Me-Made-May ’15

It’s time for Me-Made-May soon, and I’m participating again!

I pledge to wear at least 9 me-made items per week (knitted, sewed, who knows – just me-made) throughout the month of May.

I loved this last year – it helped me to work out what I should sew (which, last year, was almost entirely unsurprising, but we’ll see what it tell me this time) and I also just love a challenge of any sort (I am one of the most competitive people I know). So this year, I had to up the ante a little – and as I challenged myself to wear one thing every day last year, I wasn’t sure what to do. I settled on 9 things per week because there’s no way I could manage no repeats – the other thing I was considering – and two things in one day might be challenging. We’ll see. I’d like to make one more thing before May (a top, to aid in doubling), to get a head start for May, but as I’m heading away tomorrow for five days, it doesn’t seem super likely (LOOK Rowena is being logical about sewing deadlines) and I’ve resigned myself to that.

Last year I hated taking daily outfit photos, but I think they were a useful accountability thing. I’ll probably photograph them this time, because I’d like a chance to compare to 2014 – my me-made wardrobe is a touch more extensive, but I’d like to compare what I actually wear – so that should be an interesting thing.

And I’d really like to complete my first Granville shirt before the end of May (I keep saying this. I’ve been saying this since February. We’ll see – it’s currently either number one or two in the sewing pile, but I haven’t got around to printing the pattern yet).

That’s all! But I’m looking forward to it.


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