Me-Made-May the First

We’re now one week in to May – how are your months going? I’m feeling pretty good about Me-Made-May so far. It’s a lot easier than last year, because I was really only starting out sewing then, and now I have a much more me-made wardrobe, but to make sure I still get something out of participating, I’ve been trying to jot down a couple of notes on how I feel in what I’m wearing, and also to wear a variety of things so I can compare what I feel good in and what I don’t. (So far I’m not doing amazingly at the “variety of things” business, but we’ll aim for more next week…)

Time for photos, with a warning: My room (where most of these photos are taken) only gets light in the morning, so most of these are two-minute before-class photos, with no time for, say, making sure my head’s in the photo.


May 1: I’m wearing a dress I didn’t make. Radical, I know. The cardigan is me-made. I found it hard to decide what to wear – I had a barn dance in the evening and wanted to wear this square-dance dress my nana made, with a suitably floofy petticoat, but it’s not actually me-made – I altered the sleeves a little, but I don’t think that counts. I eventually worked out I could wear the cardigan as the me-made. I get frustrated by this in equal parts with getting amazed that I actually made it – the sleeves are too wide and short, and it could do with an inch extra length in the waist too.

I've been thinking for months I need a photo of bamboo dress in front of real bamboo.

I’ve been thinking for months I need a photo of bamboo dress in front of real bamboo.

May 2: A very lazy Saturday. I felt flirty and feminine in this dress, I love it. I went out for dinner, so dressed up in me-mades as well, but I don’t think it counts as an extra garment because I only wore it for an hour or two (I have weirdly specific rules in my head for what “counts” as wearing a me-made, as well as when I’m allowed to wear non-me-mades. Don’t dig too deeply).


May 3: Again feeling very feminine; this was an amazing weather day, and I felt floaty and gorgeous in this dress (especially standing in front of a fan heater – this flows out amazingly, it’s so light).


May 4: This dress is very much a standard for me. It’s stopped being exciting, in ten months of wearing it once a week (at least), but I still feel good in it and it’s still the first to go in my bag if I’m packing to go away. The cardigan – I fluctuate between “I can’t believe I made this thing!” and “the sleeves are terrible”. I think the issue is that my sewing is better than my knitting, so I start to expect the higher standard.


May 5: This dress I love every time I wear it. Honestly, it’s such a wardrobe staple – and also everyone I know thinks it’s a super Rowena dress, so it obviously reflects my personality somehow.


May 6: I’m not sure about this dress, or this outfit in general. I woke up super late this morning, so just had to throw on a dress and tights and run out the door, and it… kinda works? Unconvinced, although it looks more deliberate when I paired it with a more brightly coloured cardigan in the evening. Also, at work we wear bright red lab coats (so that the demonstrators stand out among students) and it clashes hilariously with the tights. (I’m also wearing me-made underwear, but no photos of them.)


May 7: This is Rowena-casual, most definitely. I like this t-shirt, and would wear it all the time if I ever wore t-shirts, which I don’t. It’s an unworn make entirely because of the type of garment that it is – the fit and style are as good as t-shirts get, I just feel unattractive in them in general.

Similarly the skirt. I like it, for a skirt. I like especially the waistline – I’m often quite generous with my waistbands because I think it’s going to be too small, then it turns out too big, but this one I got almost right. And I like the Rohan horses. But I just don’t wear skirts often? It’s nice to have a casual option, though.

Going forward into May, I want to wear more skirts/separates, so I can work out how I feel about them, but otherwise just keep going as I’m going. Try get my head in more photos, too…


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