Me-Made-May, week 2

This week wasn’t terribly exciting on the clothes front. I had two days that I was unambiguously excited by what I was wearing, and every other day was less so. On the other hand, I made a whole dress on Saturday night – drafting to wearable in three hours – so that was pretty great. Hopefully a proper post will come in a couple of days.

May 8: As always, this dress was great. This is literally all I wrote about it.


May 9: I mean, I like this dress. But it’s not exciting any more (apparently I have a huge amount of the need for new thing going on. In my defense, I made this during May last year, so it’s seen some wear in the last year). I was pretty meh about clothes this day.


note: I completely failed to get a photo and haven’t photographed it since MMM last year. So have one with old hair.

May 10: I really wanted to wear my gorgeous new merino dress today, but it was far too warm. I settled for this. I used the belt to pretend it was styled differently to last week.


this would be a beautiful photo without the blur, so you get it anyway. Sorry dudes, my camera wouldn’t focus today.

May 11: I actually really like this combination! Especially with the shoes (which I had, uh, forgotten existed). I’ve never worn this dress with that cardigan before. Also, someone came up to me in a craft shop and said “I MUST look at your skirt! It’s gorgeous”.


May 12: Finally got to wear the beautiful new merino one. Honestly, this is the only day I remembered what I wore off the top of my head. On the other hand, the photos were taken the following day because I had no time in the morning. Also, it turns out my flat loses the sun at 4pm at this end of the year. Great fun. My photos are only going to get worse, this month, as the light’s also not as good before I leave as two weeks ago.


May 13: I resisted wearing this dress. I do not feel like myself in it. I got a lot of compliments on it, but my flatmate confirmed that it’s not as Rowena-y as Saturday’s or Monday’s, so possibly going to an op shop? There you go, Me-Made-May has helped me make a wardrobe decision, it has succeeded at one thing.


May 14: I do actually like this combination! This t-shirt is a little bit awkward, it’s a bit short for wearing with pants or lower skirts, but it works pretty well with this skirt. The sleeves are also a bit short, but I didn’t notice cause I didn’t take my cardigan off. Maybe the t-shirt will get a little more wear now?


There you are, one more week through. I’m definitely not as excited by Me-Made-May as last year, but I’ll keep going and hope for some insights. See you again next Thursday!


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