Me-Made-May week 3

Hey dudes! This is a very quick update, because I have been having camera troubles and have not got a single photo this week (heh, I lost the memory card – which I realised when I got new batteries, because they also ran out). I’ve succeeded at doing the wearing, and even worn two dresses I’d forgotten about. I’ll chuck in old photos of them, just because.


Turns out whenever I look at photos of myself with long hair I ask why on earth I left it long for so long. I love my short hair.

This dress is a bit meh to wear – I feel terribly boring in black. Even dressed up with a colourful scarf. I had to wear covered shoes to work, which meant black, but put on some coloured ones in the evening and was a lot happier.



I actually wore this as a skirt, with a long t-shirt over the top, today, and like it a lot as that – it feels very dressed-up if I wear it plain, because it’s an unusual cut. But it’s still not very colourful, and I am sad when I don’t have colour.

Also, I got a surprise parcel today! I won a giveaway at the Dress Up Party being hosted at Sew Sweetness at the moment, so I got to order one pattern from Sew Chic patterns. So I guess it wasn’t very surprise, apart from the bit where I forgot that it was coming. I’ve never won a giveaway before, it was super exciting at the time, and exciting again now my pattern has arrived. The pattern is the Tia dress:

I’m excited to sew it up, though it might be a while before I get around to it because I’m not allowed to buy any new fabric for the next month or so, because I’ve been spending too much on it, and I don’t have fabric for it at the moment.

Anyway. Have a great week, I’ll be back later!


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