Me-Made-May – Final Thoughts

Welp, May finishes today. I did complete my challenge – wearing 9 me-mades per week – but it was mostly because I am a determined person and refuse to fail a challenge I have set (I’m super competitive. Sewing challenges are great because they hit that part of me, but are totally self-determined – it’s not about how I do compared to someone else, which is a sure way to set up for failure, it’s me against myself). Anyway, this last week I took a few photos, but I think all of my outfits were repeats of previous ones, and nothing groundbreaking happened (I thought I was going to finish a dress in time to wear today, and I could have – all it needs is a hem – but I’m not liking it as much as I hoped). Apart from a fairly drastic haircut, that is.

The last week’s been a pretty busy one – I had three assessments for my Maori paper (it was the last week) and worked in four labs. My head is full of hearts and kidneys – I had two labs on each. I’ve got the next week off all hat, and am in Queenstown for a retreat. This probably did affect my clothing – the most obvious thing is that I have to wear closed shoes for labs, but also I’ve had low energy for decisions. This is the only week I repeated garments within one week (which, let’s face it, is a normal thing to do in life).

So before the photos that I did manage to take, what have I learnt from Me-Made-May?

Well, one dress is off to the op shop soon. It’s this one:


I’m a bit iffy about donating it largely because Dunedin’s small enough I expect I’ll end up running into someone wearing it… I’ll go HEY I MADE THAT and they’ll look at me really weirdly. I love people I know wearing things I’ve made them, but I don’t know anyone close enough to my measurements who’d wear this (there are people I can offload skirts onto, but whole dresses is a bit harder). However, I established in the one day I wore this that a) everyone thinks it’s a really nice dress but b) I hate wearing it so I feel like it’s best to give it to someone who will actually wear it.

In terms of what I did wear, no surprises that I wore dresses almost every day. The two most worn were the two newest – the merino sweater knit and tui dress.


I did enjoy wearing skirts and tops now and then, but not enough to make them a priority in sewing. What I think I would like to make more of is cardigans and jumpers – both knitted and sewn – I’m thinking I might buy the Muse Jenna cardigan pattern and sew up a couple of those. I wear cardigans every day (uh, it’s winter, what surprise that?) and if I want to increase me-made wearing (which I do) I can wear those with my dresses – bonus! I don’t really have an objection to buying them, besides wanting a new challenge, but a new challenge would be fun. See aforesaid competitiveness. Also, it seems it would be worth making more knitted garments – I am put off by the fact that wool is really expensive and you need lots for a jumper, but it seems I would wear them a ton so it’s probably worth it. I do actually have some wool hanging around, to cast on probably tomorrow – the weather has jumped it towards the top of my sewing list, but a busy week happened.

So looking at my camera, I got photos on three out of the last ten days (well, four, but one was a bit of a hurry and super blurry so it doesn’t count). Daily photos are definitely not a strong point – and they make me feel a lot more iffy about the state of my wardrobe. I’m normally pretty happy with it, but photos makes it pretty obvious how much I wear some items, when usually clean is enough.






Saturday (feat. short hair)


And the back of the hair.


So here’s to me-mades, and to not feeling pressure to wear things I don’t want to wear! I hope your Mays were better than mine.


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