Birdy Hawthorn


Well, I made a dress. Another one. In fact, this is the fourth dress in a row with a half-circle skirt, I might be a little enamoured… (for the others: bamboo dress, tuis and purple merino)

I rather fell in love with this fabric in the shop. I was looking for something with birds on for the Monthly Stitch bird month, back in April, and this one caught my eye. Unfortunately, it no longer has my heart. Somewhere in sewing it, I stopped loving it as much/at all, and I feel ridiculous in it. Rather like Ms Frizzle, but in a bad way (note: there are definitely good ways to look like Ms Frizzle, this just isn’t it, in my current opinion. In fact, I want to sew a Frizzle dress now).


I often find when I’m sewing things up that I’m really dubious until the point that I put it on, and then it magically works out. This one was the opposite way around. I wasn’t too concerned while sewing, but once the sleeves were on it was clearly much too much print. I’ll keep it for a bit, see if it grows on me, but I suspect it may end up heading to the op shop before long. So far I’ve worn it for one day, and discovered that along wtih the print, the fit is really frustrating – although I did get more-or-less used to the print. It’s never going to be a favourite.


The dress has bidirectional birds, so I had to cut pretty carefully to make sure there were no upside-down birds on the bodice front. I ended up with the birds on the front being barely noticeable – there’s one next to the left collar, though. That was the limit of my pattern placement and such, though, I didn’t have enough fabric for anything finicky.


This dress is the Colette Hawthorn, but with the sleeves of the Sewaholic Granville shirt (which I have yet to make as a shirt. But I wanted long shirt sleeves, and this was the best option to me). Long sleeves were needed because my plan for this dress was to be a winter one, with the option of layering thermals underneath, so I prefer either no sleeves or long, and no sleeves didn’t seem right for a shirtdress. I’ve made the Hawthorn before, and it was simple enough to sew up. I only barely had enough fabric for this dress, so cut it on the flat, which was mostly fine except that I cut two left sleeves, and didn’t realise until I’d made the plackets and attached the cuffs. The dress sat in the naughty corner for two weeks, then I patched it up (I’m pretty proud of the pattern matching on the patch, actually) and completed it.

Look at that pattern matching!

Look at that pattern matching!

The fabric was on sale, so at least I didn’t pay tons for a fabric I didn’t end up liking. It’s a cotton lawn from Spotlight, and the lining is a polycotton sheet from an op shop (it’s so soft!). The buttons and lace for the hem are both from Spotlight also. I think the dress came to about $25 all up. As a student, that’s still a fair bit of money for a failed garment though – quite disappointing. Ah well, I think you have to end up with a disappointment now and then, and I’ve had a run of good ones.


I’d also like to point out how nice my sleeve placket ended up. I’m very happy with the construction on this dress – which makes it sad that I don’t like it.


And a couple more photos, just for fun.



(also: lots of photos of my new haircut. I’m happier with it than I was a week ago, but it’s still not ideal)

Happy weekend all!

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