Russet Owls

Hello guys! I’ve just spent two weeks away on holiday, and am just back to Dunedin today. This, therefore, is something I made before the break, and have been wearing it (a lot) (it’s my favourite item of clothing at the moment). I finished it the night before I left, and wore it the next day, up to Wellington (I always end up wearing my bulkiest clothing when I’m travelling, because I pack too tightly to fit them otherwise).

I therefore speak with certainty when I say that I love this jumper. Honestly, it goes with almost everything I wear, it fits nicely, is snug and warm, has long enough arms (I absolutely hate my sleeves being too short, it frustrates me so much, so I’m glad this one fits), and looks fantastic. Honestly, I’m almost ready to go out and buy more wool today (and have had requests for one from both one sister and my mother, also).


It just looks so good! And it only took me three weeks to knit – this is rather a lot shorter than I was expecting. It’s all that stocking stitch – so simple to knit while doing whatever. I went away on a retreat for the internship I’m doing this year in the first week of May, and over those three days I knit the entire body, up to where the sleeves started – I’d only written down the pattern up to then, otherwise I’d have done a fair bit of the sleeves too. The yoke, with the owls took somewhat more thought and more time, what with this being my first ever cabled knit (conclusion: cabling is not my favourite technique to do, but it is pretty beautiful).

Just look at it!



(I photographed it with a couple different dresses, to verify my opinion it goes with almost everything I own. It remains true. This one was near the end, hence the hair being a little all over the place).

The only thing I’d do differently if I made this again is that I’d do the ribbing a little longer – I suspect it’s lost some length as it stretches around my middle – and perhaps in the same size needles as the rest of the cardigan, since it seems to have stretched out a little over much. I’m not sure what doing it in the size up needles would do to its stretch, but I might test it out. That said, much as I love this, I’m not sure how many jumpers with mini owls around the neck I need in my wardrobe.

I chose not to put buttons on the owls eyes, to keep it more subtle and also because I can see them catching on everything and falling off all over the place. I like it anyway. I do have to tell people that they are owls, but mostly people see it when you say. Anyway, the more important bit is that I know…

Honestly, beyond that I love it, I don’t have much to say beyond posting more photos,


AND AND AND I almost forgot to say! I dyed this wool myself! Well, it started as a sort of bright red, that I bought because it was the best in the store – the only thing with a wool content that I liked at all (I wrote off acrylic, because this is a winter knit, even though there was a perfect colour in acrylic yarn – but I wouldn’t wear it in winter, so what’s the point?). I got it home and looked at it in a disappointed manner. It was definitely not the colour of my dreams, and I almost regretted buying it. So I researched how to over-dye wool, and it turned out that you only need food colouring and vinegar – both of which we a) have and b) almost never use. So no loss if it didn’t work! And of course, if it didn’t hold it’s not the hardest thing to repeat. I figured I wouldn’t lose anything if it didn’t work perfectly, so I gave it a shot. I tried to take pictures of the process, but my camera was having a hissy fit, so none exist. Suffice to say my flatmates laughed at me playing with this huge hank of wool all afternoon. It’s now a much better colour, which I think I’d characterise as russet.

I took a lot of photos this day, and was feeling a bit ridiculous by the end…



Have a lovely week guys! Happy crafting!


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