Completed Angel Dress

The last week or two has been a time of finishing and mending. I haven’t started any projects this month, but have finished three and mended two (both made this year – so it feels like “finishing” rather than “mending” anyway). I’m pretty excited to start a brand new project soon – with some beautiful fabric my sister printed for me – but in the meantime these finished projects are good to me. Although, for one reason or another, none of them are the most exciting things I’ve made this year. Here is the first.


(I took these photos in the Botanic Gardens, since it was a nice day. Unfortunately, most of them turned out either blurred or as a being of pure light, so I’m afraid there’ll be a few odd ones)

This dress my sister actually planned and made most of – actually, it’s a two-sister dress (out of three) as the fabric was given to her by another sister. However, she did this two years ago, so it doesn’t fit her any more, and when I came home she said I could take it. So it’s not exactly how I’d make it – the skirt’s straighter than most I wear – but it’s pretty close still. The real reason that this isn’t as much of a hit as some is that it’s, oh, half a size too small. Definitely wearable, just not quite comfortable. You can see how tight it is in this photo from the back.


It’s been a pretty busy couple of weeks, so it is satisfying to finish things in the small amounts of time I have – this had a very small amount of finishing required, just sewing up the back, hemming, and stitching down the lining. This dress was finished in a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon, immediately before wearing it out to a party (I was required to wear white, which I own very little of – it was fortuitous that I picked up this dress a few weeks before).


Given that I didn’t do a whole lot of making, I don’t have that much to say about this dress – apart from that my sister is better at installing invisible zips than me, I’ve been avoiding them for a while now. I can’t tell you what either the fabric or pattern were – it feels like a cotton, mid-weight, with a printed stripe, but that’s all I know. Instead, I’ll tell you about the party! It was a Cluedo-themed party, where everyone was given a character name and bio, and then when we got there one person “died” and we all got given a very limited set of information – people we had seen and places we were – and had to work out who the murderer was. I was a young teacher, so this dress worked pretty well for my character, with just a little dressing up (actually, that’s something I like about the dress – easy to make fancy or normal). It was a fun night, and I managed to correctly guess the murderer.


I also am including this as part of the outfit-along being hosted at Lladybird and Untangling Knots – it’s not the pattern they suggested, but it does go beautifully with my owls sweater, so there are a few photos of that.



I do like this combination.

And finally, for your edification, what I would look like if I was an angel…




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