The Slightly Overly Personal Post

Guys, I made my own underwear. I’m always looking for a new adventure in sewing – I love coming back to sewing cotton dresses, but new things are great, too, especially things that allow me to increase my proportion of handmade clothes in any given outfit. Underwear have been floating in my head for about a year, now, but at first I didn’t have a sewing machine that did zigzag, and then I didn’t have fabric or sufficient inclination. I finally picked up both some fabric for these and the stretch lace at a Spotlight sale recently (I love how often they have sales, it’s great), and traced the pattern from a favourite pair I already owned.


Clearly, I am not taking photos where I am wearing them. It’s weird enough taking photos of underwear that I’m not currently wearing, let alone that. Definitely overly personal already.

Above is the second pair I made – they’re very similar to the first pair, I just slightly increased the back rise, and the only way I can visually pick them out is the pattern placement. Each pair took me only an hour to make, including hand-basting the gusset piece – this fabric was too slippery to work with three layers otherwise. It’s a poly knit, very slippery, hard to work with but great to wear.

Here are all three pairs together:


Clearly the two that look the same are the two I’ve made. I have fabric and lace for another two, so that might happen shortly also.

Here’s the back and the insides. I just stitched the lace straight on to the right side of the fabric – that was how the original pair was done, and this fabric isn’t going to unravel on me at all. I didn’t even bother finishing the free edge of the gusset. (side note: I’ve been doing too much anatomy recently, as the phrase “free edge” makes me think of some of the structures of the abdomen. There’s a few free edges around there.)



For a bonus, I’m really excited about the quilt I’m making, so I took photos of a couple of the blocks.


and how they look together:


It’s so much fun making these! I enjoy picking out all the different fabrics to put together. It has made more obvious the thing where I’m not very accurate in my cutting though.. slight problem there. I’ve got almost half the blocks I want for the baby quilt I’m making, so it’ll take a fair bit more.

I’ve got to get it finished before I leave Dunedin – I’m moving cities in 6 weeks, which is a bit exciting and a bit scary! I’m going to be up in Wellington more-or-less permanently, starting from the middle of November. It alternates between being super exciting and pretty scary, to be honest. I love Wellington, but I’ve gotten to quite like Dunedin in the four years I’ve spent down here. There’ll be things I miss, and there’ll be things I won’t, and I’m still sorting through how I feel about all that.

Well, I’m going to be off now – I’m hoping to finish up a floaty dress this weekend, in time for the actually warm weather, this is great! It’s definitely spring now, and I’m enjoying pulling out some summer clothes, and hopefully geting some new ones too. Enjoy life till I see you next!

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