Floral Granville (plus skirt)

Hello there! It’s been a while – I’ve been sewing almost non-stop, but I packed my camera in a silly place and only unpacked it a few days ago (I do live in a place where there are other people with cameras now, so yes, I could have got someone to help, but I didn’t. Maybe next time).


These two garments are the last I sewed in Dunedin and the first in Wellington. The skirt was a quick make – I wanted something I could sew in between packing, that wouldn’t take too much brain power or time, but would be satisfying; so I went through my (actually rather small) stash and found this rayon twill that my (step-)grandmother gave me. She ran an antique store until recently, so this is one she’d picked up for that, but she gave me free choice of the fabrics she had lying around.

It’s a hastily drafted half-circle skirt, on a somewhat slithery fabric, so the lines were not actually all that straight. I corrected most of that in sewing, but it’s still got a wee bit of inaccuracy. However, it does what it’s supposed to – I wanted a plain, nice skirt that I could wear for semi-professional occasions, without feeling like I was impersonating someone else. There is not much else to say about it.


The shirt, on the other hand, there is a lot to tell. This is my second Granville (the first is here) and it is ever so much better. To be honest, the first one isn’t bad, except for the collar (which is slightly disastrous) and some slight pulling at the bust. I did an FBA to fix that, and moved a bunch of the waist shaping to the back seams instead of the side, but could have done more actually. So the fit is slightly better, and the collar was entirely solved by following this tutorial over at Four Square Walls. I’m pretty well proud of my collar. And all the constructions. French seams everywhere! Perfect collar and pretty decent sleeve plackets! All is going well!


I had a lot of fun taking photos in my garden at home for this, and have also been having fun choosing the most dramatic ones. Since I’m in Wellington at the moment, there’s always some wind, which is perfect for showing off circle skirts.


You may have noticed that these are a little more formal than what I normally make. There is a reason for that! Next year I’m going to be based in the hospital for my studies, and there is a loosely semi-professional expectation. I’m expecting that a lot of what I wear day-to-day currently will fit that, but not all, so I’m trying to make a slightly different wardrobe to fill the gaps, based around half-circle skirts and tops to tuck in – something that still feels like me, while being less frivolous (than, say, dragons on the skirt).

Have I mentioned yet that I love it? I don’t know how comfortable I’ll feel in it, at least at first, but I think I did a pretty amazing job on constructing it, so there’s that. This is the single best-constructed item I’ve ever made. In fact, I was going around telling people how amazing my shirt was before I’d even finished it. Looking at the photos is actually pretty good for my comfort levels – looking through them it’s easier to go “ah yes, is nice” instead of “ooh not sure how I feel about this” which I sometimes do in the mirror.


So, the details:

Skirt – rayon twill gift, zip from a second hand shop

Shirt – cotton lawn from a Lincraft sale (some $10/m), buttons from Mum’s jar.

And some guts shots:

Merry Christmas guys!


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