Top 5 Hits and Misses of 2015

top 5 2015

Hi all! Gillian of Crafting a Rainbow is again holding a top 5 for the year, and I thought I’d join in the fun. Today is my top 5 hits and misses, and I’ll write another post with reflections from this year and plans for the next soon.

So without further ado, my top 5!

(in no particular order, because that was too hard)

1: The red owls sweater:


I love this thing so much. It’s sized perfectly, sits snugly, has a lovely neckline, is super warm and comfy, and is the perfect colour (after some dying adventures). My mum and sister have both asked me several times for one, although the first time my nana saw it she told me the neckline was too low. I think the best bit, other than the colour, is the snugness of the wrists – I hate cold wrists, and also hate baggy sleeves, so this is just right.

 2: The stars quilt:


I just realised I never titled that post, whoops. Too late now. Anyway… This was my first foray into quilting in quite a while, and I love the bright colours of it, and constructing the blocks was so much fun – all the joy of choosing fabrics for a project, twenty times over. I’m pretty proud of this.

3: The tui dress:


This dress gets hands down the most compliments from random strangers. Especially if I wear it into a sewing or craft shop – which I am prone to do, given that I’ve worn it approximately once a week since I made it. It makes me super happy to wear – a combination of the fit, which is great, the finish, with a near-perfect zip insertion, and fabric, which is cheerful and beautiful. Also, bonus: I discovered later that I made a non-English-language pun in my first post about this, titling it ngā tui o taku kahu – the birds on this are called tui, but tui also means stitches or sewing. Therefore the title can allude either to the birds on the dress or the fact that I sewed it. I got so excited when I discovered I made an actually relevant pun in another language!

This photo also contains my favourite single outfit of the year – the dress, sweater, tights (merino! Wonderful!) and (not shown) my beautiful red shoes.

4: The linen dragon dress:


This was a slight surprise favourite. Halfway through it I thought I’d ruined the fabric – before I cut down the neckline to the V (it was boatneck) and shortened the skirt (I attached the whole width, so I could decide later how long to hem it) it was looking decidedly frumpy. However, after making the changes, I fell in super love with it. V-neck! Dragons! Red! (yes, there’s a theme to my favourites) In fact, I am going to make another with exactly the same cut, and the same linen, in green – it’s my latest fabric purchase. Literally the only things I am changing are the colour and the hem decoration – I’m thinking maybe a lace border, or hand-embroidery (am I mad?).

5: The floral Granville:


This is my latest Big Project (there are a few other small projects on the go, I don’t normally sew as many things at once as this). My main favourite thing about it is how perfectly it’s made. All seams are frenched, I’ve used a white lawn as contrast on all inside pieces (for some reason contrasting insides are a thing I truly love), the collar is actually attached well… I am just so proud of my workmanship on this. I haven’t worn it yet, as it’s designed for when I have to look semi-professional, not for normal life, but it is perfect for that.


And the misses:

1: Birds Hawthorn


This dress was wrong for a few reasons, but largely the sleeves. There’s too much of a vibrant print, and the sleeves just don’t fit right – they’re too tight. It’s also too loose across the bust, so it sits weird there – I’m considering removing the sleeves, but the bust would still bug me, so I’m not sure what else. Bonus: I’ve been to a few different hair dressers since I cut it short August last year, but this was my least favourite cut.

2: Cream Granville


It’s nice enough, but the collar’s strange and the bust pulls, and I’ve never worn it.

3: Red Linen Skirt


It’s nice. I’ve just worn it… once. Then the zip broke. I replaced the zip after a couple of months, but it wasn’t inserted as well (which is a strange thing to change my opinion) and somehow in the intervening months it had fallen from my affections. Maybe I’ll wear it more next year – I hope so!

4: Dandelion Dress

Technically I think I made this last year, but it was blogged this one. It’s semi-copied off a favourite dress that started falling to pieces, but I copied the skirt wrong so I had to belatedly add panels at the side, and it’s a wee bit low cut (although held together by stitches). It’s also both pilling and fraying – the fraying is mostly around the zip, as everything else is french seams, but I had to restitch the zip the last time I wore it. I’m not sure if I can do anything to make this more wearable – the zip will probably give up altogether soon, and the panels of the skirt are too small to cut something new out of. Very disappointing.

5: Various costumes

I’ve made a couple of costumes for various things (mostly unblogged). None of them are bad, they all do the trick and look at least more or less like I imagined, but most of them are pretty shoddily made because of time pressures. It’s in the nature of things, I think, I prioritise the things I want to wear regularly so the costumes don’t really happen. I don’t mind that much – but I’m not wearing them again…


Overall, it was harder to find misses than hits, so that’s a very good place to be. I sewed a lot more than 2014, and loved most of what I produced, even if not all was a success. A good year, I hope your 2015 went as well!

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