Blackberry River Socks


Last year I almost didn’t knit. I made the owls sweater, but that was the only time I set yarn to needle all year. I’d been knitting furiously just before the end of the year, to finish my mums Christmas socks (which were a pretty well perfect gift, she wears them tons) and I was out-knitted by the end, I needed a rest time. That lasted until June, when I picked up needles for my sweater, but after that I knitted a couple of lone socks (or possibly one lone sock and one half-sock? I’m not entirely sure) and ran out of wool, and nothing more. When it came to the end of the year I had started dreaming about knitting again though, so my Christmas present from my parents was two projects worth of glorious wool.

I fell in love with this wool when I walked into the store. The colours are amazing! I tried very hard to get a good representation of it, and I very much failed. The closest I got was this:


In truth, it is more purpley and darker, rather than the blue-tinged purple you see. It’s rich and wonderful and slightly variegated and I love it.

The next challenge was finding a pattern to do justice to the yarn. I trawled through Ravelry (that is an amazing site) and discovered the Magic Mirror pattern. I loved the lace pattern, and the idea that my socks could be complementary rather than identical. I still love the lace pattern, but I’m not entirely convinced of some of the construction details in this sock. The heel type left way too little room for my instep, and I needed a more elastic cuff (that was easy enough to add though), and I think I’d do a longer stocking stitch toe before starting the lace pattern  if I did it again. However; more detailed notes are on my Ravelry project page (all the things I wish I’d known before I started knitting it…) so if you’re truly interested you can head over there, and if you aren’t I don’t need to burden you with details. Just photos.


It is hard to take photos of your own feet. I wanted to show off all the details, but it is very hard.


I admit that these aren’t technically 100% finished. I have to still sew in the ends and reinforce the heel and toe areas. I discovered after knitting the sock that this yarn is not always that good at resisting wear, despite how beautiful it is and how nice it was to knit, so I am going to add some padding by darning in some more of the yarn and some ordinary sewing thread to the places that get wear, as this can help protect it, and I don’t want my beautiful socks to die early!


I’m now halfway through my next sock. Knitting is definitely what I’m into at the moment! I have a commute for the next few weeks, too, with someone else driving, so I’m anticipating a lot of knitting time in the car. You see, I started my first hospital placement today! It’s super exciting. My team were lovely, there were a couple of awkward moments but on the whole it was pretty great, and I’m on a rehabilitation team so it’s very non-intense for a first placement – my classmates were sprinting off after cardiac arrests and the like today, I’m glad I don’t have to deal with that just yet. I feel like I’ve already learned tons, on day one, and I’m sitting here trying to assimilate it all. I also moved into a new flat a week ago, so I’ll try to get some photos for you next time I post.

See you next time!


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