Birds and Butterflies, B B B

Kia ora folks.

I’m not really wanting to write a post today – I’ve had a busy month, full of class and trips out of town and making four bridesmaid skirts for my flatmate’s wedding – but May starts tomorrow, and I’m doing Me-Made-May, and I want to get my pledge out in the world before the month kicks in.

So here it is: In May, I will wear at least two things I have made every day. I will not photograph them unless it seems like a good idea at the time. I will also keep a record of the largest number of me-made items I manage to wear in one day through the mont.

I wear one thing almost every day anyway, and often on class days it’ll be a top and skirt, because my hospital wardrobe is entirely hand-sewn (I didn’t expect it to be, but found it significantly less stressful to just make my own than to have to actually go clothes shopping. That is not a thing I enjoy). So it’s really only a challenge to wear either hand-made cardigans or underwear on dress days. My long-term goal is to be able to wear entire outfits of me-made things on a regular basis, but I’m still working up to that.

While I’m posting, I’ll show a few photos of what I’ve been wearing lately.


The top is the Scout Tee from Grainline Patterns. It’s turned out to be a super great top for me. I love the fabric a lot, and although I was a little dubious about the shape of the top, when it’s tucked into a skirt it sits reasonably nicely and makes me feel professional. I feel very comfortable in this top. I also made it really well, apart from an incident with a too hot iron (turns out this scorches – there’s a brown-tinted spot near one seam now), so every time I put it on I admire the french seams everywhere.

I’m wearing one other Scout at the moment (which was actually made first, but is slightly less well loved, due to the sheer amazingness of this rayon fabric, I almost went back to the store and bought more the day after I finished this dress), and have fabric for the next – as soon as I’ve finished these bridesmaid’s skirts!



it clearly fits wrong untucked, but I never want to wear it this way anyway


after cutting and sewing, with no remnant fabric – I only bought 1m – I spotted this hole on the back shoulder. Which may or may not have been my fault. It’s fixed now, but only with a black zigzag, not anything beautiful

I’m going to leave it at that, and go to bed, but happy Me-Made-May all those who are participating!


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