Me-Made-May 2016

My goal for this May was to wear two me-made items every day. Last year I got quite frustrated by Me-Made-May, finding it a limitation rather than a good challenge. This year it was much better – wearing two me-mades every day wasn’t hard (especially after I made three pairs of underwear in the second week), and aiming for as many me-mades as possible really helped me to think about what I don’t have in my wardrobe.

(I took no photos, because my camera is having a hissy fit. This also accounts for the lack of recent projects posted, or at least is a handy excuse)


I saw recently that Handmade by Carolyn is doing a year of handmade project – only wearing handmade items, including shoes and jewellery (look at her latest shoes! They’re amazing). I’m considering taking this on as a challenge for 2017 – I doubt that I’d go as far as shoes, but aiming for 100% handmade in my clothing (probably with the exception of particularly special items handmade by someone else or inherited). I have quite a long list of things I’d need to make to achieve this, but May helped me to clarify and form the list.

The new types of garments I’d need are: Leggings, coats (wool coat and rain coat), bras, and pyjamas.

Things I’ve made before but need more of: Warm undergarments, socks, underwear, cardigans.

Actually, that doesn’t look that bad! Coats and bras are clearly the most difficult, but I think most of the other projects there are pretty manageable. It will certainly be a challenge, but perhaps a doable one.


I remember two years ago reading sewing bloggers talking about their move from sewing pretty, frivolous dresses (when they were new to sewing) to making things they actually wear, and thinking “well I’m making pretty dresses AND wearing them”. I still do wear those pretty dresses from two years ago – most of them, anyway – but I am finding myself trying to fill in the gaps around them, making my cardigans, socks, and whatever else I find to be necessary. It’s amusing to notice myself following the same or similar pattern to what I was reading about when I was a new dressmaker.



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