Seafoam Socks

So this week, I’ve been feeling like a Real Med Student. I’ve been wearing surgical scrubs around, I’ve been into surgery twice (and assisted both times – although the second time I accidentally un-steriled myself towards the end, which is a very easy thing to do. After you’re all gowned up, you’re not allowed to lift your hands above your chest or below your waist, or touch anyone or anything that isn’t as sterile as you. On the other hand, you are allowed to touch the business end of the surgical instruments, and the like, because you are sterile and they are sterile and it’s all fine). I also spent the last two days in ICU, which was – – as much as the rest of the hospital is a strange environment, the ICU is much stranger. I’m definitely still processing it. One of the things I found is that it’s really hard to interact with patients’ families – it’s easy to forget how big a deal being in ICU is when you’re seeing so many patients.

However. We’re here to talk about sewing, and/or knitting (in this particular case). Look at my socks!


I am a convert to hand-knit socks. They take a while, but they are so gorgeous to wear! These ones are one of the two that cycle through everyday wear, as they’re the only ones I have that fit snugly. They’re also one of my Beautiful Socks, with gradual colour changes and a swaying pattern. When I made the socks, I wanted a sea-like pattern to match the yarn colour, but also something basic enough to memorise and multitask, and this was pretty perfect.


I knit these on 2mm needles, only my second pair of socks with that size. Previously I used 2.5s, but I like the denser fabric of this, especially as it theoretically should increase hard-wearing-ness (durability?).

I used this pattern, but apart from the stitch pattern – which I altered – I actually never looked at the pattern again. I decided prior to starting that I wanted to knit these toe-up, and do a French heel – I haven’t found a good pattern for toe-up French heels, so the pair of socks knitted before these were top-down with this heel, and I wrote down exactly what I did so that I could replicate it in reverse. I now have this heel type stored in my brain (I hope – at least, I can work it out again, I have the necessary information for that) and am considering writing it up so other people don’t have to also do it from scratch. I’m very glad that I did it toe-up, in the end – I came very close to using all the yarn (less than 1m left at the end of it all!) and had shorter socks than I expected. So if it had been top-down, I would have run out of yarn and had to start again. Not fun.


(a good look at that nice heel)


I almost never knit anything following the pattern properly these days, and it’s become pretty normal to try something and rip it out if it doesn’t work properly; these are no exception. My first iteration of the heel had a too short heel flap, so these are try two. I think I must have a higher-than-normal instep, because this kind of problem always happens to me. They’re also just a smidge too long in the foot, but that is just a thing that happens, better than being too tight.

That’s all about my socks now. Fare well!


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