the Rainbow Lady

Good afternoon!

I keep forgetting what I’ve actually written about, but today we can have: the outfit that I am wearing at the moment.


Clearly the star of the outfit is my skirt, but truly I love everything about this. (I also just like this as a photo of me…) We’ll taking things from the bottom up; the skirt.

I inherited this gorgeous rainbow poncho from my step-grandmother earlier this year. I looked at it and knew I would never wear it as a poncho, but thought it had a lot of promise for a skirt. It was a pretty easy conversion, and I cut enough bits off the corners (it was a slightly elongated rectangle at the start) to make the waistband and pockets. I considered making the waistband with vertical stripes, to get all the colours in, but decided this skirt already had enough going on without that and chose the calmer green to centre on the waistband. It’s lined with some black cotton from my scraps bag.


I love stripes and plaids in circle skirts in general, but what I love even more about this is that the stripes make a rainbow. This is a factor I hadn’t thought of before I finished it. On the front, the colours are even oriented the right way up (apparently not on the back, and I hadn’t noticed until I plonked that photo up there). I also think that this fabric has the right amount of weight for a circle skirt – I’ve tried to make them in drapy fabrics in the past, and I just end up looking pregnant (this being a risk for me). In this, though, it has enough body to hold its shape just a little, and fold nicely most of the time.

I fully didn’t think I’d wear this that often. I love it, but I thought I’d be intimidated by its… attention-grabbing nature. In fact, I’m so excited to wear this many colours, and so excited that it coordinates with everything I own (what with me only owning saturated colours, and this have EVERY saturated colour in it), that I wear it rather a lot. On a grey day, I feel like I’m lighting up my world by wearing this.


Ok, now let’s talk about the top. In fact, if I’m honest, I wear this outfit just as much because I love the top as the skirt. It’s merino knit, and through this I have discovered that not all merino fabric is created equal. This is the softest, most squishy/cuddly top I own. I want more just like it.  It’s unbelievable just how great it is.

It’s another Plantain. I’ve made a fair few things based on this pattern now, and it’s working out well for me. Just… useful.



And now the hat!


I actually knitted this back in March, on my way to/from placements half an hour away. It’s a beautiful squishy merino/possum blend that we discovered in my grandmother’s stash (which my family collectively inherited). We’ve gone through much of the pretty-colour yarn, since that was what we were looking for in the past, but I’m now way more interested in fibre and texture of a yarn than I used to be, so discovering this was very exciting. My sister also made a hat out of this, so I based it off her pattern but adjusted the stitch patterns to be not-quite-matching. We’ve never worn ours at the same time though – they’re still pretty similar!

Actually liking my hat makes a huge difference to my hat-wearing habits! I’ve never been much of a hat wearer, but I wore this all the time all winter. It’s so snuggly, and on an extra-cold day I can pull it down tight and increase the foldover slightly to tuck my whole head in, and especially the ears. Just the best.

Of course, now that I’ve actually posted this, it’s winter and I’m not going to wear it for months!


It’s almost the end of the school year now – a week and a half and I’m done! Last week was a pretty tough placement, but I guess I’m lucky in that it’s been the first that’s been a problem. This week I have two days off because there’s a junior doctor strike, and we spend most of our time with junior doctors – it’s a little annoying but also quite nice to have two days to myself (for study, of course, exams next week). And I fully support the strike – they work crazy hours! Be nice to your doctors, friends (and that’s not just because I’m going to be one).

Leaving you with a photo. Goodbye friend!



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