I’m in a thoughtful mood at the moment. I’m on holiday, with no home work at all for the first time since January, and that leaves me plenty of time for musing on my weekends. So here’s a sampling of my thoughts.

  1. I am very overambitious when it comes to free time. I’m working essentially a 9 to 5 job at the moment (it’s a little more complicated than that, as it’s a research thing and I get a grant rather than a wage, but more or less job-like), and I still expect myself to sew, and knit, and write and spin (spinning is my new thing) and read, and be able to socialise. This weekend, as a case in point: I went to my friend’s house for a birthday yesterday evening, this morning helped some friends move, this evening am going to my mum’s concert, and tomorrow I have church. Despite all this, my weekend goals – which I didn’t think were too hefty – were to: finish sewing a top I want to wear at work next week, make the singlet I need to wear underneath it, darn a sock or two, spin and knit to an undefined quantity, make the Sunday breakfast bread, garden, read, write something, and see my sister who arrives back in town tomorrow. Now – all of these are good things, but it’s not really achievable to do them all, nor is it necessarily desirable. I like doing a little here, a little there on lots of projects, but sometimes it would be nice to sit down with something all-consuming and just do that one thing for a while. I don’t really know how to settle this feeling of so many things I could be doing and therefore so many things I’d like to be doing. It’s a thing I’m working on.
  2. I appear to have reached a state of wardrobe satisfaction. In terms of normal clothes (the bits people see…) I can fairly happily reach into my wardrobe every day and pull out something that I’ve made that makes me happy to wear that day. Honestly, this is a fantastic situation to be in, but I’m still exploring what it means in terms of my wardrobe planning and making. I have a bunch of underthings I want to make – singlets and leggings are unexciting but super useful and fast, and bras which are my new exploration area (uh, I’ve made a successful one! Just I’m having photography difficulties – as soon as I resolve them, you can be sure you’ll see it!). Other than that I have one or two work tops that’ll be useful now I’m in a proper office space, and one summer dress, and that’s… it. My hope for my one week true-holiday, before I started working, was to make most of the boring things so I can use my tiny moments of sewing time during work for the more exciting things. Unfortunately that was a case of point 1 – but that’s ok, I can work slowly and patiently. I think, though, that I am hoping to work n a slower and more deliberate fashion over the next while, so that I produce fewer items of clothing (apart from the aforesaid necessary underthings) but everything that I produce is very high quality.
  3. I’d also like to feed that into a feeling that I can afford to spend precious making-time making things for other people.
  4. I can’t believe that I’ve reached the point of making leggings and cardigans! I thought I would be making pretty dresses forever, as recently as two years ago…


(This post is brought to you by my hat because a) today is hat weather and b) the hat feels like the first foretaste of this whole slow, careful making business, early this year before I articulated it at all)


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