Summer days

In lieu of a proper garment post, here are some little photos of things I’ve been playing with in the summer…


This is a couple of months of attempts at spinning – I’m getting better! It’s definitely fun games.


This is some of my more recent spinning attempts – it’s a slightly different technique, which is giving me much more uneven yarn (since I haven’t practised much) but it’s much softer to feel.


Can you see that the colour’s slightly different in these samples? It’s pretty subtle… I’ve tried out some natural dyeing over the break, but only one colour has given meaningful results. I think the ones above are bottlebrush flowers and dandelion heads, but I’ve also tried eucalypt bark, avocado pits and two types of lichens without huge success.


Witness that one colour… This is white baby wool dyed with onion skins – I think the colour is gorgeous (this isn’t quite accurate) and the pattern is pretty lovely too. The baby it’s for was born yesterday, cardigan finished and gifted today. She’s beautiful – it was so lovely to be able to meet her so soon.

And as well as all that yarn stuff, I have been growing big carrots and tiny garlics. (The garlic is pretty sad, actually – that’s one of the larger heads. Not really a success this year.)



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