the space bra

Guys, I made a bra! It’s way better than my last one – it’s actually more comfortable than most of my bought ones!


(I haven’t worked out how to take good bra photos yet. Working on it.)

This is actually a slightly old make – maybe in March? April? I took it fromt he Sophie Swimsuit pattern, but changed the shape a bunch – I felt that my swimsuit fit better than the other bra I’ve made, but I prefer slightly more security than either of them gave me, so I raised the fronts. Too much, as it turned out (it’s still suboptimal placement, but I lowered it as much as the already-cut-and-attached lace would let me once I realised, after sewing everything except the straps together…)


Speaking of which, what nice lace! I’ve had it in my stash for a long time – I think it came in a bundle of things from an op shop, and I wanted the other pieces of the bundle – so it’s nice to have finally found a good use for it. I am fond of it.


I also narrowed the bridge rather a lot on this – I’ve realised that my favourite bras actually overlap the underwire channeling at the front, so I tried it out, and it has made a solid difference. It sits much nicer at the front now. So that I’ll have to remember.


I’ve taken the back attachment and rings and sliders from an existing bra (also from an op shop – I periodically search for bras with good quality bits and pieces, preferably that are falling to pieces in some other way so I don’t feel bad about taking apart a perfectly functional item for my own ends). The elastics and back band fabric (duoplex) are dyed with tea and a small amount of turmeric – the colour is not super well controlled, but I knew that any cream was going to be preferable to the stark white, when put next to that slightly cream silk at the front. (Pro tip – if you’re dying with turmeric and aiming for cream, get the smallest amount you can get and still have anything at all on your teaspoon. A quarter teaspoon is far too much and you will have sunshine yellow, leaning towards orange. This may not be a problem if that’s what you’re after, but I don’t aim for bright yellow very often tbh.)


The front of the bra is some silk scraps, and I lined it with cotton muslin. I am rather fond of the pattern on the silk, with its small space themed motifs, but I actually chose to use it because I wouldn’t be desperately sad if it didn’t quite work out right. I successfully hid all the seams on one cup, but not the other… anyway, this is what I was aiming for. It’s lovely and clean, when you do it right.


This is not without its fit problems – it’s perfect around the band, but a little large in the cup size – but I wear it a lot, and will continue to do so.


What else have I been up to? Well…


I’m working on a quilt (it’s halfway sewn together now).


I’m making baby cardigans (rather a lot of them).

I went on a very brief trip to Queenstown. There was snow.


And, in rather an exciting thing, I fell in love with a placement. One of my friends said to me that she loves watching people find their thing, as we go through clinical placements – some people fall in love with surgery, some with paediatrics… well, I love obstetrics. I’ve been on an obstetrics and gynaecology placement, and I was loving every day, and looking forward to getting back to placements, and studying just because I enjoy knowing about this and because I’m curious, and reading about different philosophies of birth… I’ve spent some years knowing that I was interested in obstetrics, but telling people that I’m not sure what I wanted to do, because I’d never had a placement in it, and placements change things. Well, now I have. And it was fantastic. I’m planning to do an elective placement in obstetrics in Germany in January, so I look forward to that mightily.

(Naturally, I’ve chosen a specialty that has only a 1 in 3 acceptance rate into the training programme. What great planning. Also, I’m trying to hold it lightly because I remember being very insistent that I would never be a doctor and clearly that plan has changed. Who knows – I’m doing psychiatry next and maybe I’ll love that one too!)

Mā te wā!


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