knit mitts

I feel like I’m knitting a lot more than sewing these days – knitting and spinning and gifting. Since I last wrote I’ve knitted another baby cardigan, a pair of mitts for my sister, and half an adult cardigan – and those are big! Today it is a slightly older but seriously beautiful thing I am talking about.


I bought one skein of this beautiful yarn at a fair in March. It’s called Road to China Light, and is a lovely mix of alpaca, camel, silk and cashmere. (I have been telling everyone that I’m wearing camel gloves – this isn’t entirely true, but there is camel in them!) I bought it because I was intrigued, and it was soft, and I wanted to come away from the fair with something lovely. Knitting it up was a dream. I was not in a good space for a month or so earlier in the year, and knitting these was my meditative treat to myself at the end of an evening – I memorised the lace pattern pretty early on, so I could just pick them up, knit a row or two, and feel the softness of the yarn moving between my fingers. To be honest, I was pretty sad to finish the mitts – I wanted to wear them, but I also wanted to keep knitting them forever. There will be more beautiful knitting projects…IMG_2279


Although these don’t have fingers, I’ve worn them an awful lot since finishing. I’ve lost one of my fingered gloves, so these get outings in the outside weather, as well as being great for when I’m typing – she says, wearing them. The only frustrating thing is that the top edge of the mitts tends to gape away from my palm/fingers (technically, the palmar surface of my metacarpophalangeal joints…) I periodically consider ripping back as far as the beginning of the ribbing and either going down a couple of needle sizes or decreasing the stitches – now that I’m remembering how much I loved knitting these, I might do that, actually. It’s so beautiful and tactile in the fingers.IMG_2281

I took these photos on a trip to the Wellington South Coast, which is a beautiful and wild place to be. Supposedly Wellington is the windiest city in the world, and I absolutely love the wind! It feels like strength. So here are some more photos from that day.

I am especially fond of that one seaweed!

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