the daisy bra

Look, I made another bra. What a nice.


After the success of my last bra, I really wanted to make a second – I had much fun, and it is so very satisfying to wear a full outfit of handmade clothes (although. Need to work on the leggings – my one handmade pair is very baggy). And I find there’s something irresistible in a pattern that’s almost-but-not-quite right – I have to work out how to make it better, and get it right the next time. This one had some substantial alterations from the last – firstly, I moved across the seam on the lower cups (it’s a little more complicated than that) to try align better with my apex, and second I drastically altered the shape of the upper cup to lower at the centre and at the side seams – this way, my underwires actually fit it. Having a lower bridge definitely alters the fit, and not in a good way – it gapes out from my chest significantly more than the other one does – but, well, I’m wearing it today, so clearly it’s functional.


The main fabric is merino scraps from a top I made. As usual, I dyed all the bits and pieces with tea and turmeric to give me off-white, because I don’t want bright whites in my clothing, and because I had a pair of underwear in this fabric with cream lace I was trying to match (this is a fun game). I couldn’t find a good cream lace for the neckline, so I tried out my flatmate’s machine’s decorative stitches – I actually really like the daisies, so that worked out.


The bow is harvested from another bra at some point in the past, as are the underwires, bra strap sliders, and hook and eye – it’s a useful source!IMG_2325

Today I happened to pick up a couple of metres of stretch lace from an op shop, so my next bras are coming…

I’m really enjoying the first signs of spring. Unfortunately, the warmer weather also means that exams are coming for me – my last major exams of medical school! This is slightly a big deal. But life is chugging along, and after exams I leave the country for three months, and I’m really looking forward to next year’s placements, and actually being able to contribute my own bit to patient care. I have plenty of things to look forward to, it’s just the next two months of solid work coming before that. Wish me luck.


from my garden/on my desk at the moment. complete with tiny spiders.


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