linen wrap pants

How onto it I am – I’m going to write about the pants, which I finished only today.

I’m going to Uganda and Germany this summer for placements – this is exciting, but the weather is a slight problem; I will be way more hot and way more cold than I am used to. New Zealand is lovely and temperate. Cue, naturally, much sewing. (In between exam study – I am mostly making lists of things to sew in a week and a half when I’m done…)


These pants are a prime example of hot-weather clothing. You can hardly wear them when it’s not. They have open sides, although I’ve stitched a snap halfway down to keep them decent when I’m sitting (they’re really best for standing around dramatically in), and the fabric is a linen-cotton blend (from Spotlight). Designed for breezes.


(I had a lot of photos that I liked, so here goes.)

Honestly, there’s very little else to say about the pants. They are literally two rectangles sewn together at the crotch curve, with ties attached, so they have a bow at both front and back. This makes them a little difficult to put on, but highly billowy and fun to wear. I really like how the shape of a body makes it appear that the pattern pieces curve in towards the waist – that’s just my waist being smaller than my hips doing that! But it looks elegant and fun.



I think I like all the photos because I like the pants so much? They make me feel High Fashion. Who would have thought I’d like a pair of pants? I’ve avoided wearing them for years! This is the first pair real pants (as opposed to pyjama pants) that I’ve sewn, and I guess in part due to them being billowy, and in part due to having designed in a low crotch curve, I feel more comfortable in them than I have in pants in a long time.

I do have to be a little careful bending down – the snaps have a tendency to come apart if I put them under much strain, I used the smallest size in my sewing box because I didn’t want them to interfere too much with the drape of the fabric, but this may have been a mistake. They’re also not quite optimally placed at the moment – I plan to move them. I’d also like just a little more width to the front/underlap edge, so I am considering making another pair if I get time before I leave, and passing this pair on to my sister Sophie (who would rock them, and look absolutely fabulous. They are way more her fashion style than mine, but I’m investigating the option of branching out).


I haven’t actually been making anything for the Germany side of the trip – and the only plan is to knit a pair of proper gloves, or possibly full mittens, since I lost the pair I made back in high school. I don’t yet have coat-making stamina, or time before I leave, and I hope that I’ll be able to manage with my normal winter clothes plus a really good coat and pair of boots there. The list is mostly filling out my current summer wardrobe gaps, so far as I can guess them from this side of the world.IMG_2561

Because it is spring: a baby kowhai tree in my vege garden.

(I should have taken photos of my veges, or of my viola flowers, which are beautiful – but I didn’t, so a kowhai instead.)

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