the floral dress

These past few months I have been making a flurry of beautiful things. I’m not sewing now, I’m several continents away from my machine, but I have a bit of a backlog…

Things are entirely out of chronological sequence, and I’m not going to apologise for that. I take photos when I take photos, and I write about the thing I’m interested in. Today, this is that dress.


(it was going to actually be another one, but I think I want to entirely redo the photos business – few of them are any good)

This dress is an oddity in that it is very beautiful, but not in the slightest bit flattering. Especially not after wearing it for a day. It hangs pretty straight down off me, and despite being cut with zero ease, and then being taken in by an inch, the waistband is too long for my waist, and also hangs too low – such that the top edge is about where I’d want the bottom to be. I intend to fix it when I return to Wellington – I’ve already done several things to attempt to improve the situation, but none seem to be a long-term fix – but in the meantime, washing it every time I wear it at least means the fabric returns to its original length – it doesn’t have very much recovery. And that makes things slightly better.


You can see fairly clearly here that there’s too much fabric bunching above my waist.

So this will never be a favourite make, although I wear it a fair bit and I do enjoy it. I’m just… rather ambivalent overall, I guess is the best way of putting it. I do think the fabric is beautiful.


In terms of details: the fabric is a rayon knit, with (clearly) limited recovery. The bodice pattern is a heavily modified plantain tee, the waistband was originally my waist length and is now shorter – it’s actually a double layer of fabric, too, but unfortunately the other pale-coloured knit I found also has limited recovery, so that maybe hasn’t done all that much for stability. The skirt is a simple gathered rectangle, with as much fabric as I had. Still fairly narrow. Somehow the front ended up longer than the back – I honestly have no idea how that happened – so that’s a thing to fix once I’m back in the same place as my sewing machine.


All of these photos are taken in the garden of the place I’m staying – it’s a good garden. I’ve had a couple of lovely afternoons reading my book on the grass/on one of the sitting places. I’ve also started sitting outside in the early morning for my morning prayers – I’m not sure why it took me so long to think of that! Much nicer than being curled up under my mosquito net. (A mosquito net kinda makes the bed feel fancy – it’s like having curtains – but is also very annoying to deal with, especially when making the bed.)

I only have two more weeks here in Uganda – leaving on the Saturday – and it’s also barely over 2 weeks until Christmas, which puts us squarely in the middle of Advent. I think Advent is my favourite of the church seasons. I’ve bought an ebook of Advent reflections (did you know ebook prices vary wildly depending on which country you’re in? It’s kinda ridiculous). I have been reflecting some on how clearly Uganda needs transformation – I live right next to a smallish slum area and every time I walk past I realise again. And of course I’m working in the devastatingly underfunded national/government hospital. For me, Advent is about preparing for and longing for transformation.

A few more photos from my trip – continuing the tradition of having cool plants here. And also the porridge, which declares in loud letters that it is Human Food – I thought it amusing.

Have a beautiful Advent and Christmas season.


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