the latte bra

Hallo all! Merry Christmas from Germany, where I find myself for the next several weeks. My time in Uganda has done, and now I am at the other extreme of the world.

The last thing made this year – to be posted, at least – is my most favouritest bra that I have made. Seriously. (ok, it’s only one of four, it’s not that high a bar)

I decided to try out a new pattern this time, the Harriet bra – it is one of the patterns that becomes the darling of the internet, so I had seen many versions. In this case, I think that is justified; it is a very beautiful pattern.


My version is made out of a coffee-coloured silk, lined with cotton, and with the usual duoplex fabric for the back and various elastics – dyed with tea, because that’s my standard way of getting cream to match. It’s a slightly different colour to the coffee of the silk, but not a big enough deal to matter. (Except on the underwire casings, which for some reason turned out almost pink. I try not to look at them too often.)

I have some work to do on the fit. It’s wearable, but barely – the band is tight for comfort. On the other hand, the cups seem to fit pretty well – although we’ll see how they are next time, with a looser band, everything affects everything else when it comes to fit – and the band is a super simple fix.


I went for a super simple design. I didn’t do any lace or bows or anything, and I love the clean lines it gives. (Not that the photos are good enough to see that – I still haven’t worked out how to take good bra photos!) I actually surprised myself by how much I like it this way – but I really do! It also makes it perfect for wearing under lightweight clothing, which I have of course been doing a lot while in Uganda. (Not so much since in Germany.)

There’s not much else to say other than – I wear this, I love the pattern, but I think the band runs tight, at least in my size. I will most certainly make it again – as soon as I get back to Wellington, I have the fabric in mind already – but will add half an inch to each of the wings.


Another kind of average photo.

So to finish here are some pictures from Christmas in Germany! Have a lovely holiday season (since we’re past Christmas now…)

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